About NIST MEP Survey Process

What Is This Survey?

Fuzehub’s mission is to provide manufacturers in New York State with guided access to our extensive network of industry experts, programs and assets to solve productivity, commercialization, research and development issues, and other challenges to growth.

In order to provide this subsidized service, FuzeHub is funded under a federal grant called the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. It is a public-private partnership, funded by federal and state government, designed from inception as a cost-share program.

A crucial component to this program is a survey to measure the economic impact on businesses receiving this assistance. In order to justify continued funding, these surveys are performed by an independent third party to measure the impact of the services that entities like FuzeHub funded by this grant have on a manufacturer.

As such, you will be asked to complete multiple surveys via the Web or by telephone interviews over the next few years . We are dependent on your participation in these surveys and truly appreciate any ongoing support of this survey that you can provide.

What should you expect?

You will be contacted by an independent survey house on an average of three (3) times over the following three (3) years after the completion of the project/service/milestone/event (depending on the type of assistance received) to assess your satisfaction with the project and its business impact. The first survey will occur within 6-9 months of the completion of  a project/service/milestone/event. Subsequent surveys will occur annually. 

The survey will come from support@mepclientsurvey.com with the subject line “MEP Client Questionnaire".

To see what this survey contains, click here.

How Can You Get Prepared?

1) Ensure you have at least one valid Manufacturing NAICs code and Dun & Brad Street number.

We have created an FAQ about how to do this.

2) Whitelist support@mepclientsurvey.com to ensure the survey goes through to your inbox.

3) We would be more than happy to walk you through this process, please contact Kim Lloyd, Survey Manager via email.

NOTE: NIST uses the MEP client records for the purpose of conducting an in-house project impact survey measuring the realized impacts (sales, investment, employment, cost of goods sold, etc.) of our services to our clients. Client information may also be used for other purposes such as market and industry research but the company and its collected data is kept confidential.