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AU Energy Conference

Alfred University brings energy industry professionals, clean energy engineers, and technology students together for the First Annual AUenergy Symposium in October 2018. The theme of this inaugural event, Future of Electrical Grid Systems, aims to propel sustained efforts among a diverse array of clean energy industries.

At issue is envisioning and harnessing the expanding potentials of collaboration among high-tech industries toward building and securing macro-scale electrical grid systems that can respond to changing local and global needs and pressures into the next century. Growing secure grid systems starts with educating today’s and tomorrow’s engineers. The first aim is to conceptualize the opportunities for and threats against highly advanced smart grid systems to define system ends and means. Then the grid energy industry can utilize cloud-computing-based controls systems, nano-scale materials science, and clean energy technologies to develop stable yet dynamic approaches to one of the grandest challenges of engineering.

This First Annual AUenergy Symposium focuses the current and emerging generations of clean energy engineers on the issues, questions, goals, and approaches needed to develop best practices for the entire industry. The educational and energy infrastructure resources of the Western New York region are already poised to lead the nation, via collaboration, through a deliberate process of knowledge transfer that can question and shall shape the future of “grid” power policy.

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12oct10:00 am2:00 pmAU Energy Conference