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Cybersecurity for Manufacturers: Fundamentals, Impacts and Case Studies

TDO, TERACAI and Cyberstone invite you to:

Cybersecurity for Manufacturers: Fundamentals, Impacts and Case Studies


With cybersecurity, not knowing what you don’t know can be disastrous. Understanding basic principles, methods, and the roles of people, process and technology will prepare you to protect your business. In this Lunch & Learn event you will:

·     Learn the essential principles of cybersecurity – beyond buzzwords like firewalls and phishing attacks

·     Understand the short and long-term effects of a cyberattack on your business, employees, and customers

·     Hear about real businesses that suffered cyberattacks and statistics showing the vulnerability of manufacturers

·     Learn a methodology to develop a cybersecurity program to identify threats and vulnerabilities, protect your business, and assure you are allocating budgets to the right areas.

·     And, for those businesses with DoD contracts, what does it mean to be DFARS compliant and how does DFARS relate to your cybersecurity policies and infrastructure? (and why many of these requirements are good practices for all businesses…)

For questions, please contact Brian Friedman at bfriedman@tdo.org or 315-425-5144 x315.

Registration: $25, includes lunch.

11may11:30 am1:00 pmCybersecurity for Manufacturers: Fundamentals, Impacts and Case Studies Event Organized By: CNY Technology Development Organization