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Polymer Nanostructures for Emerging Science & Technology

Clarkson University’s Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science is offering a unique symposium, POLYMER NANOSTRUCTURES FOR EMERGING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYMarch 15-16, 2018.  This is sponsored by a David A. Walsh Mini-Symposium grant, the Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science, and the American Chemical Society’s PolyEd.

The symposium will consist of talks by leaders in the field (see list of speakers below), posters presented by graduate students and postdocs, and ample time for social engagement. The symposium serves the general spectrum of polymer science, from fundamental controlled chemical synthesis to materials science and engineering, covering both synthetic and biopolymers.  In addition, we hope this gathering of regional polymer researchers will begin to build a network for discussing joint projects and promoting the growth of local polymer science and education.

Please visit our website at http://people.clarkson.edu/~dshipp/PolySymposium2018/index.htm for additional details and registration information.

Faculty, post-docs and graduate students interested in polymers and their applications are encouraged to attend. 

List of Speakers:

  1. Brian Amsden                Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada
  2. Silvana Andreescu         Clarkson University, USA
  3. Lennart Bergström         Stockholm University, Sweden
  4. Erik Berda                      University of New Hampshire, USA
  5. Haifeng Gao                   University of Notre Dame, USA
  6. Evgeny Katz                   Clarkson University, USA
  7. Sitaraman Krishnan       Clarkson University, USA
  8. Benoît H. Lessard          University of Ottawa, Canada
  9. Dwight Seferos              University of Toronto, Canada
  10. Devon Shipp                  Clarkson University, USA
  11. Jiayin Yuan                    Stockholm University, Sweden
  12. Jaana Vapaavuori          University of Montreal, Canada
  13. Xiaoxia Zhu                   University of Montreal, Canada

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