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Protecting Valuable Intellectual Property

A recent spate of initial public offerings, high-profile mergers and acquisitions, and litigation has thrust intellectual property (IP) into an increasingly critical position in global economics. Changes in the global economic environment have influenced the development of business models where IP is a central element establishing value and potential growth. In today’s business climate, organizations that base their operations on IP and innovation are far more likely to succeed. However, many organizations often fail to identify protectable IP or understand the value of and the risks to their IP, even when that IP may account for a substantial percentage of the company’s value.

The objective of this presentation is to provide entrepreneurs, start-up companies and even well-established companies a brief introduction into how to identify potentially valuable IP, generally explain the different types of IP available, and some of the various ways in which they can protect their IP. We also share some experiences on how IP can be used to provide a competitive advantage as well as attract business investment and funding.

25aug3:00 pm4:00 pmProtecting Valuable Intellectual Property