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Putting Kata into Practice

This 3-Day events is based on Toyota’s long term successful methods and the research of Mike Rother.

The Kata Simulation & 10-Hour Programs help you:

  • Understand how Toyota utilizes Kata to foster operational excellence.
  • Jumpstart your Kata practice
  • Learn essential Kata concepts and behaviors, in a proven, learn-by-doing format.


Kata Simulation

 This 1-day program intertwines knowledge of the Kata process and principles with a realistic, hands-on simulation to illustrate the effectiveness and elegant simplicity of Kata. The simulation serves as an introduction and foundation for organizations and individuals new to Kata.

 Kata 10-Hour Program

 This program clearly demonstrates essential Kata concepts, scientific thinking, and the behavioral principles upon which Kata is built. The program provides expert guidance in establishing current and target conditions, identifying obstacles and PDCA-based experimentation. Much of the time in this learn-by-doing program is spent practicing the Coaching Kata while mentored by Certified Kata Trainers. Upon completion, participants are ready to start using Kata in their daily work.


For questions, please contact Scott Laundry at 315-425-5144 or slaundry@tdo.org. Register soon – space is limited.


Link of event: http://events.tdo.org/events/detail/20170526/2/12/4/0/0/118


19julalldayPutting Kata into Practice