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Executive Summary Nuravine LLC is developing The Indoor Farming Automation Platform of the Future, a technology that enables indoor farms to operate more efficiently, reduce input costs, and create optimal environments for cultivation. The Kingston-based company’s first product, The Elixir, automates water nutrient management and analysis for hydroponic systems. Nuravine asked FuzeHub and the Manufacturing & Technology Enterprise Center (MTEC), the MEP center serving …


LC Drives

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FuzeHubs Helps LC Drives Scale-Up Their Manufacturing Process Executive Summary LC Drives makes permanent-magnet electric motors that are smaller, lighter, and more energy efficient. The company’s technology can, for example, put a 500-horsepower motor in a 250-horsepower frame. Target markets include wind turbines, marine propulsion, vehicle propulsion and other opportunistic industrial uses. In 2017 and 2018, LC Drives worked with …

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Extreme Molding

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FuzeHub Helps Extreme Molding to Scale Up Manufacturing Based in the Watervliet Arsenal, Extreme Molding is a full-service plastic injection and silicone molding company serving the pet, female health, infant and high-end consumer goods markets. Duncan and partner Lynn Zielinski started the company in 2002 with two machines. Today, Extreme Molding operates 18 machines and has 70 employees covering three …


Argyle Cheese

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FuzeHubs Helps Argyle Cheese Scale-Up Their Manufacturing Process Argyle Cheese Farmer uses milk from a family-owned farm to produce yogurt and artisan cheeses. The 225-acre farmstead has a herd of 50 cows, and is the site of a small outbuilding that houses processing equipment and supports retail operations. Summary Argyle Cheese Farmer attended FuzeHub’s Farm to Fork Solutions that was …


Tidy Tots

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FuzeHub Helps Tidy Tots Diapers Expand Manufacturing & Sales Tidy Tots Diapers launched in June 2013 to manufacture environmentally-sensitive, user-friendly organic diapers that are based on patented technology. Summary Early sales via demonstrated the company’s promise, but Tidy Tots needed help to acquire new equipment, ramp up manufacturing and acquire additional market share within the $8-billion-per-year diaper industry.Tidy Tots’ …


ThermoAura Inc

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FuzeHub Helps ThermoAura Scale Up Their Manufacturing ThermoAura Inc. in Rensselaer, NY manufactures a high performing nano-enhanced thermo electric material that is 25% more efficient and costs 40% less to manufacture than its competitors. Summary ThermoAura is commercializing a University technology. The challenge is scaling the operation from the lab to full scale manufacturing by the end of 2013. The …