Commercialization Competition 2017


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Anavio Therapeutics Inc.
Novel cardioverter/defibrillator
We have developed a novel cardioverter/defibrillator that uses nerve stimulation to correct potentially lethal cardia arrhythmias. This approach solves all of the major problems with existing implantable cardioverter/defibrillators and can be deployed in many patients whose hearts would not tolerate existing technology.

ecoLong LLC
Prototype of the Sky Imager-Radiometer
ecoLong has partnered with the Center of Economic Growth, Innovate 518, and Center of Excellence in Atmospheric Sciences and Weather Enterprise to commercialize a novel instrument originally developed at the State University of New York at Albany. The instrument, the ecoLong Sky Imager Radiometer (eSIR), is a smart sensor system that accurately monitors solar radiation and weather conditions. This technology provides solar developers, operators, owners, utilities and grid operators with the products needed to maximize their solar potential and effectively integrate into the grid.

Ferric Contrast Inc.
Non-Toxic MRI Contrast Agents
Magnetic resonance imaging is a diagnostic tool used 40mm times a year in the US. About 40% of the time a contrast agent containing the metal gadolinium is injected to the patient improve the image quality. Newly developing concerns about the long-term toxicity of contrast agents has led to calls for a replacement. Ferric Contrast has developed a class of non-toxic contrast agents that produces images of similar quality for imaging of the cardiovascular system. We seek funding to finalize the characteristics and formulation.

Good People Energy Technologies Inc.
Design for Local Supply Chain to Fix NY’s Small Fan Problem
New York State’s small fixed-speed fans waste an incredible amount of energy in building heating and cooling systems.  We’ve licensed a patented fan controller to fix NY’s small fan problem.  Our product is an easy retrofit to upgrade PSC motors under 2HP (such as PTACs and fan coils) to adaptive variable speed control for 15-30% system energy savings.  The product has been built in China by our licencor, but we are building them here in New York State.  We want NY’s disabled work force to be able to cost-effectively provide final assembly for our product, so our project is a series of design iterations to cost-optimize and improve the design for assembly by Herkimer Industries (ARC Herkimer).  This will enable a local supply chain for pilot energy saving retrofit projects in state buildings under Executive Order 88.

Leviathan Energy LLC
Commercialization of Miniaturized Flow Turbines
We will improve upon the work we are doing to make small underwater turbines commercial in several markets. The markets are small turbines for rural use, mostly in developing countries, for sailing, and for supporting meters and sensors in pipelines. The work involves creating a test bench for the prototypes made, testing generator to turbine design match, and using composite materials for production.

Robotic Vehicle Lift
Project funding will directly support prototyping of LiftPoint’s patent-pending, industry-first robotic vehicle lift and the foundation software/firmware to automate lift-to-vehicle engagement. Consulting LiftPoint’s in-depth market and customer research, Mohawk Lifts’ extensive product and manufacturing knowledge, and RPI’s expertise in automation and robotic system development, CATS’ engineers and students will generate and recommend concepts, perform detailed engineering design of the mechanical and control/sensing systems, procure and fabricate components, assemble and demonstrate a working prototype, and write foundation code to control the system.

Mission Drives Corp.
Prototype Demonstration of Revolutionary Variable Speed Drive
Mission Drives will build a prototype to prove the feasibility of a revolutionary variable speed drive for a motor. This drive will have an effective switching speed 100 times faster than the best on the market enabling a new generation of these power electronic converters. This prototype will verify the targeted switching speeds can be achieved on the critical portion of the circuit. Demonstration of this prototype is a critical step in reducing the technical risk of this project to be able to attract additional funding.

Production Development of Boron Nanoparticles
NanoHydroChem has developed a novel, proprietary nanomaterial capable of generating hydrogen gas from water on demand, at room temperature. The material makes the storage and transportation of hydrogen safe, practical, and reliable for portable and remote applications. Combined with a fuel cell, NanoHydroChem’s technology has potential to provide 2-3 times the energy density of a Li-ion battery.

Potsdam Sensors LLC
Next Generation  Air Quality Sensor
Potsdam Sensors LLC is developing a new field-deployable IOT sensor for accurate sensing of airborne particles, an EPA-recognized ambient pollutant. This low-cost, accurate, particle sensor will fill a critical gap in air quality measurements for indoor and outdoor operations. Through the process of electrical detection of particles, our sensor detects particles ranging in size from 10 nm to 2.5 µm, corresponding to emissions from sources such as automobile engines, industrial emissions, and the expected use of our sensor, include: ambient air quality monitoring – particularly in urban areas, indoor air monitoring in residential and commercial facilities including nanoparticle-manufacturing sites, and optimizing use of air conditioning units in sensitive buildings.

Praxis Biotechnology Inc.
Prototype Cream to Treat Rosacea
Praxis Biotechnology is a pharmaceutical company researching new treatments for skin diseases. Our first product is a new rosacea medication. Rosacea is a common, incurable skin disease. When treating a skin disease like rosacea, it is important to only treat the affected area. Our proprietary cream formulation will deliver medication to the skin without being absorbed by the rest of the body. The current project is a pilot clinical study to assess the efficacy of the cream and any potential absorption beyond the skin and modify the prototype if needed. This is the first step toward securing FDA approval to bring the new drug to market. We are looking for funding to secure the active ingredient in this cream from an outside vendor.

Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
SparkCharge is on a mission to revolutionize the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry by commercializing the first portable electric vehicle charging station that will enable EV owners to charge anytime and anywhere they want. Completing the project will enable SparkCharge to accelerate the commercialization of our revolutionary product and to achieve our goal of being the first to market.

Speech Cradle LLC
Speech Cradle Baby Bottle
As a speech and language pathologist I decided to reinvent the baby bottle. Bottle feeding of infants is associated with pediatric infectious disease, swallowing difficulties, dental abnormalities and in some cases, impaired speech development. We are especially interested in developing a bottle that eases the transition from exclusive breastfeeding of infants whose mothers return to the workplace.

Sunny Clean Water LLC
Commercialization of a Highly Evaporative Material for Accelerated Solar Salt Mining
We have developed a patent-pending fabric material and electricity-free solar thermal system that significantly improves the evaporation rate of water. It has the potential to recycle and reclaim clean water from lithium mining operations as well as desalinate water for people in developing regions and disaster relief areas. The primary aim of this project is to optimize the mass production of the active fabric material to >1,000 m2 capability by comparing roll-to-roll coating with dyed fabric material to select the optimal manufacturing process.

Synstainable Energy Systems LLC
Waste to Energy Rotary Gasifier
Synstainable Energy Systems aims to develop detailed engineering drawings and specifications of a portable, complete waste-to-energy system gasifier that converts solid and organic waste into high quality synthetic fuel and electricity. These drawings are necessary to accelerate commercialization of our first (beta) unit, meet the design needs of Madison County Solid Waste, and obtain component quotes from contract manufacturers for manufacture of the scaled-up-unit at the Madison County landfill. The project will allow Madison County to avoid land filling of Waste Tires and Agricultural Plastics while providing electric power to their Waste Recycle Facility.

Triton Ceramics LLC
Affordable Water Filters for Bacteria Remediation
Packed-bed ceramic water purifier systems offer a unique solution to water purification, allowing individuals and families to easily make their water potable. Triton’s technology is built on ceramic granules heat treated at 1150ºC (2100ºF) creating robust granules used as the filtration medium, or packed-bed. Triton bonds an innovative nanosilver particle coating on the packed bed, allowing users to eliminate microbiological contamination, making water safe to drink. The material has been built into a device and benchtop prototype called Strombus, which needs testing to determine the microbiological safety of the system. FuzeHub Commercialization grant money would be used to test the prototype we have, allowing us to bring it to market.

Verdimine LLC
Commercialization Pathway for Revolutionary Green Chemistry
We have developed a robust green chemistry to sustainably produce aryl aldimines and related compounds, key intermediates for high value products in industries including pharmaceutical, agrochemicals, plastics, and OLED manufacturing. Our proprietary process creates stunning reductions in toxic waste and production costs, while drastically improving manufacturing safety by replacing toxic hazardous solvents with a safe, non-toxic FDA-approved liquid matrix (patent US 8,766,004 B2).

Zero Valent NanoMetals Inc.
A new class of low temperature metallic Inks for printed electronics, displays and 3D additive metal manufacturing.
The proposed project is to the take the chemical nanomaterial formulations which have been verified in lab testing, undergone initial production scale up to 10g and then a 1.75-liter reactors at our contract manufacturing site and to scale up these processes.  Our first step will be a 3-liter reactor and then we will move to an 18-liter reactor which will allow us to make sufficient quantities to begin sales in earnest.   The project will verify, at our Western New York contract manufacturing facility, the scalability of the reaction kinetics and our ability to produce sufficiently high quality product by extensively testing at each phase of scale up.  This project will also complete regulatory required in order to be able to sell and ship our product within the US and to select countries in Asia and Europe.  Our metal inks will usher in a new era in printed electronics, displays and enable a new generation of 3D additive manufacturing. We are partnering with New York state manufacturing firms to both manufacture this product in New York State as well as to leverage its use to enhance their competitiveness in manufacturing their end products such as electronics manufacturing, display technologies and additive metal manufacturing.