Algorhythm Technologies

(Western New York)

Community driven digital effects for musical instruments. Our easy to use effects system is configured by your phone or PC to give the player access to virtually unlimited community developed effects at their fingertips.


(New York City)

An environmental biotechnology firm developing bio remediation methods using naturally occurring microbes and their enzymes to cleanup toxic organic pollutants in soil, sediments and ground water using simple techniques like bio-piling. Offering great advantages to expensive treatments for recalcitrant remediation like incineration and moving to a classified landfills, our microbes destroy recalcitrant contamination, providing users with remarkable cost savings, reducing PCB levels by 80 percent in few days.


(New York City)

A technology platform for preventative diabetic health care. Bonbouton’s first product, a smart insole with a proprietary embedded graphene sensing system, passively monitors the skin’s physiological signals in order to detect early signs of foot ulcers.

Capro-X Inc.

(Southern Tier)

Capro-X is a startup located in Ithaca developing a natural and sustainable solution for converting dairy industry wastes into valuable platform chemicals. Focused initially on Greek yogurt’s acid whey waste problem through funding from a National Science Foundation SBIR grant, Capro-X is also participating in the NEXUS-NY and Cleantech Open accelerators.

Dynamic Boundaries, Inc.

(Southern Tier)

Dynamic Boundaries is developing a new lubricant to treat osteoarthritic joints. Invented by a team of researchers at Cornell University, this material binds to the cartilage or underlying bone providing significantly more lubrication when the joint is under pressure unlike current hyaluronic acid-based products. The substance is chemically simple and uses only GRAS materials, giving them a significant advantage over anything in development.

MicroEra Power

(Finger Lakes)

MicroEra Power is a system integrator designing CHPplus, an onsite power system with high-efficiency hardware, thermal storage, and smart software to provide businesses and utilities with energy security and a fast payback.  The FuzeHub project will prototype the thermal storage hardware and develop the POWERBROKER software functions for optimal cost savings and reduced carbon emissions. 

FlexSurface, Inc.

(Southern Tier)

Development of low-cost, high-durability and high-performance catalysts for commercialization in fuel
cell and emission control systems.

Go Figure, Inc.

(Mohawk Valley)

Go Figure allows contractors to take measurements of houses with just photos and to create estimates and proposals for roofing, siding, trim - all onsite in minutes instead of hours and days - using an iPhone, so that contractors radically increase their sales conversions.

Hoplite Power Inc.


Hoplite Power is an NYC based smartphone charging network that lets you choose when and where you want to power up so you never run out of battery again. Think of it like CitiBike or RedBox, but for smartphones, where you can rent a battery from our kiosks and drop it off at any other kiosk in the
network once you are fully powered up!

Íko Systems

(Southern Tier)

A smart tabletop micro-greenhouse for the sustainably minded foodie.

KIRSH Helmets

(Capital Region)

KIRSH Helmets, based in Schenectady NY, designs and manufactures revolutionary new helmets for motorcycling. Rather than a typical foam liner, KIRSH uses its patented Fluid Displacement Liner, along with a super-hard exterior shell to make KIRSH Helmets the toughest helmets in the industry.

Light Green Machines, LLC

(Southern Tier)

Providing sustainable transportation solutions. Initial focus on design, development, and manufacture of lightweight, composite chassis hybrid and electric busses in NY State.

Lux Semiconductors

(Capital Region)

Lux Semiconductors is developing a patent pending technology aimed at producing flexible, lightweight, and low-cost semiconductor substrates that are compatible with high throughout, roll-to-roll manufacturing. This next generation semiconductor platform will be suitable to host a range of electronic components and fully integrated system-on-chip designs including sensors, RF, displays, lighting, processors, memory, MEMS, photovoltaics, and similar ‘internet of things’ devices.

Mechanismic Inc.

(Long Island)

SnappyXO Design ( is a state of the art design-driven robotics and STEM education product consisting of a patent-pending, open, modular, and customizable hardware and a motion design software app to help K-12 and post-secondary students design, prototype, and program.

Mohawk Machine Works, LLC

(Capital Region)

Mohawk Machine Works is a startup OEM that has developed innovative technology for cleaning and drying surfaces for commercial applications. Our Air SabreTM equipment can be deployed in multiple configurations and sizes to eliminate costly bottlenecks of many core operations in the transportation, infrastructure, and commercial construction markets.

RemWell LLC

(North Country)

RemWell is addressing public health and energy issues associated with groundwater contaminated by an emerging class of chemical contaminants, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), with a novel treatment reactor. RemWell’s InSRT reactor operates on site and underground directly where the contamination occurs, which avoids expensive pumping of water out of the subsurface and use of carbon or other media to remove PFAS from water, which later must be incinerated.

VitaMe Technologies, Inc.

(Southern Tier)

Nutrition deficiencies lead to major health issues and are hard to test. VitaScan provides fast, accurate, and mobile nutrition deficiency testing.

Volt-Air Technologies

(Long Island)

Volt-Air Technologies is working to develop maintenance cases for rechargeable hearing aids.

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