5S and Standardized Work Seminar

5S and Standardized Work

April 25, 2017

Hyatt Place, 5020 Main St., Amherst

Organization – of both the physical environment (5S) and process steps (Standardized Work) – can prevent a lot of headaches. This one-day seminar focuses on the true meaning and spirit of these two tools that are integral to the Lean methodology of reducing waste. Participants who work in any industry and role will understand how to use them correctly: as a solution to the root cause of a problem. The seminar includes tips, tools, interactive discussion, hands-on activity, and action items for mobilizing a “get organized” effort the very next day. It is appropriate for individuals with no Lean background and those who want to learn from past failures of 5S or Standardized Work initiatives, and is especially useful for those leading an improvement effort.