FuzeHub Helps Extreme Molding to Scale Up Manufacturing

Based in the Watervliet Arsenal, Extreme Molding is a full-service plastic injection and silicone molding company serving the pet, female health, infant and high-end consumer goods markets. Duncan and partner Lynn Zielinski started the company in 2002 with two machines. Today, Extreme Molding operates 18 machines and has 70 employees covering three shifts seven days a week. Most are unskilled or semi-skilled workers who received full on-the-job training.


When the Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership’s (ABTP) learned that FuzeHub had made grants available through the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund, ABTP thought of Extreme Molding, a women-owned manufacturer based in the Watervliet Arsenal. ABTP had watched Extreme Molding grow rapidly since its 2002 startup and become leaders in complicated injection molding processes by creating durable and dependable consumer products as the trusted partner of companies seeking the “Made in the USA” label.


Extreme Molding was awarded a $75,000 manufacturing grant from the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund. The injection molding machine that grant helped buy is used to produce Baby Banana infant toothbrushes. Originally, this product was made overseas. Now, Extreme Molding makes 1 million units per year in New York State, many for export to the Far East. Five jobs were created as a direct result of the grant. Extreme Molding also received two grants from Community Loan Programs.

“FuzeHub is an excellent resource for small and mid-size manufacturers to improve and grow their enterprises. The collaboration was seamless and efficient.” -Joanne Duncan, Co-Owner, Extreme Molding

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