FuzeHub Helps Full Circle Feed with Sustainability

Full Circle Feed manufactures dog treats from unused meats, vegetables, fruits, and breads from restaurant buffets that were prepared but not served. The result is a healthy and environmentally-sustainable dog treat.With an organizational commitment to sustainability, Michael Amadori, President of Full Circle Feed, is  constantly seeking ways in which he can reduce waste in  the company’s manufacturing processes.


In order to maintain its competitive product, Full Circle Feed sought solutions that would be cost effective and maintain its dedication to “healthy food and a clean planet.” Full Circle Feed sought alternative methods for the processing of treats that could increase the company’s efficiency, reduce energy use, and reduce waste.


Through connections made through a 2013 FuzeHub Solutions Forum, Full Circle Feed forged a new business relationship with Rochester Institute of Technology’s NYS  Pollution Prevention Institute an organization funded by the New York State Department of  Environmental Conservation who helped them adapt more environmentally sustainable processes. Forced-air convection oven reduced drying time by 64% and reduced organic content waste by over 50%.

“The services and guidance provided by NYSP2I were instrumental in helping Full Circle Feed’s  production process. We had experienced and knowledgeable engineers helping us solve problems related to heat transfer and energy demands for drying our dog biscuits. They also quantified the energy potential in our wastewater for use in anaerobic digestion. We have  incorporated the results of these findings in our design and production process.” –Michael Amadori, Full Circle Feed

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