FuzeHub Helps Hydrolutions North America with Funding, Sustainability & Testing Services

Hydrolutions North America is a Long Island-based company that provides innovative and proven technology for Ecological Wastewater Treatment (EWT). While the company’s patented ecological wastewater treatment system has been deployed successfully over 10 years at more than 150 sites worldwide, including throughout Europe, it has yet to penetrate the U.S. market.


Hydrolutions required a site to beta test its technology in New York state, as well as third-party environmental testing to validate the technology and demonstrate its viability. After connecting at with FuzeHub at the 2013 Long Island Solutions Fair hosted by the Long Island regional NYMEP Center, Hydrolutions engaged with the FuzeHub team to help with the following needs:

  • Expanded ecosystem, including technical and funding resources
  • Proof of concept and third-party environmental testing at domestic site
  • Establish New York-based service


FuzeHub connected Hydrolutions executives with increased exposure to critical resources such as validating facilities, laboratories and specialized equipment, contract engineering consulting, funding streams, and supplier and industry partners, among other essential networks, which lead to the following outcomes:

  • Pilot installation and associated beta testing expected to take place in Suffolk County, N.Y.
  • Funding in place for third-party environmental testing with RIT’s Pollution Prevention Institute
  • New systems, which are plant-based, will use less energy than incumbent mechanical/chemical
    systems, many of which are more than 50 years old and in need of upgrading
  • Access to new markets: in Suffolk County alone, there are approximately 356,773 households that
    could use Hydrolutions’ technology

“Over the last several months, we have come to rely on the FuzeHub team to assist us in facilitating a larger footprint for Hydrolutions North America in the environmental wastewater industry. We view FuzeHub as a valued ally as we move forward to getting the Hydrolutions North America story out, about Ecological Wastewater Treatment and its beneficial, sustainable, and green use impacts.” — Michael Urtnowski, President & CEO, Hydrolutions North America

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