FuzeHub Assists Jamboxx with Design Assistance & Workforce Development

My Music Machines, Inc. (MMMI) is the inventor of Jamboxx, a hands-free electronic device that lets people with physical disabilities play a musical instrument. This technically innovative product also appeals to teachers, musicians, and hobbyists.


To meet consumer demand, MMMI needed to define the Jamboxx manufacturing process in a way that would support production and control costs. First, however, the product needed a redesign that would support MMMI’s manufacturing and marketing goals.

In the spring of 2014, MMMI attended a FuzeHub Solutions Forum at an RPI/CEG Advanced Manufacturing Conference in Troy, New York to forge connections in order to receive technical design and manufacturing assistance that would support market expansion and growth.


At the RPI/CEG Advanced Manufacturing Conference, MMMI met Everton H. Henriques, Regional Innovation Specialist for FuzeHub and the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC). Henriques added MMMI to the manufacturing portal and evaluated the company’s needs. The makers of Jamboxx also learned how HVTDC could help with product redesign and contract manufacturing.

With partial funding from the New York State Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (NYS TAAC), MMMI engaged HVTDC to redesign the Jamboxx. Bob Incerto, HVTDC Senior Engineer, modified the device to use a Bluetooth 4.0/LE board for wireless power. HVTDC engineers also provided support for hardware and circuit board design, 3D prototyping, product development, and assistance in acquiring source materials.

Importantly, Incerto’s team also helped MMMI win a Workforce Development Institute (WDI) grant to support product manufacturing. Located in Albany, WDI works regionally to identify targeted challenges that address workforce challenges, trends, and opportunities. Today, Jamboxx is excited about the opportunity to bring its innovative product to the mass market.

“With the connection from FuzeHub and the help and dedication of HVTDC, we were able to define our manufacturing process, reduce costs, and make the project come to life.” — Michael DiCesare, Co-Founder and Pres. of MMMI

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