FuzeHub Helps Radiator Labs With Commercialization & Supply Chain Development

Radiator Labs is an early-stage company based in New York City that has developed technology to make radiator steam heating systems more efficient. To advance his commercial product design and development, Cox sought assistance at a FuzeHub Solutions Forum hosted at New York City’s MEP Center, Industrial + Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC).


Radiator Labs needed product development and commercialization assistance to take the product from a prototype stage to a final commercial design and production stage. They attended a FuzeHub Solutions Forum to solve the following needs:
• Source material that can effectively survive in the environments intrinsic to steam heat, preferably from a New York state supplier
• Proof of concept via commercial system design and installation


Through FuzeHub’s partner (the mid-Hudson NYMEP center) Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC), Radiator Labs was connected to two New York companies, Herkimer Industries and Mohawk Fabric Company. As a result of connections through FuzeHub, and the ensuing partnership and collaboration between resources, Radiator Labs has developed its first commercial system and is testing the new system’s energy savings. Radiator Labs will be producing 300 retrofits this year in conjunction with Mohawk Fabric Company and Herkimer industries and is expected to hit the market and begin commercial sales later this year.

“Through our engagement with FuzeHub partners, we were supplied with contacts that culminated in a first commercial system. I was able to offload a lot of worry about finding the right kind of manufacturer and supply chain for an early version of our product.” – Marshall Cox, Founder and CEO, Radiator Labs

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