FuzeHub Helps Schrader Farms Meat Market Secure Grant & Grow Business

Schrader Farms Meat Market is a family-owned meat processing facility that is Animal Welfare Approved and USDA inspected. Founded in 2012, the Meat Market began as a way to process and sell the Schrader family’s own naturally-raised beef. Today, the business is expanding to satisfy demand not just from consumers, but from other local farmers who need to process meat.


Historically, Schrader Farms Meat Market has relied upon word-of-mouth marketing instead of digital advertising. To support continued growth, however, the business wanted to design and deploy a website. Schrader Farms Meat Market also wanted to learn about opportunities to increase production. Butchering meats is time-consuming, and the business needed to increase capacity to support growth. Schrader Farms Meat Market attended FuzeHub’s Farm to Fork Solutions Forum that was held in Rochester, New York on October 3, 2014 to:
• Meet Rock the Deadline (RTD), a FuzeHub partner
• Learn about other potential opportunities
• Make in-person connections with resources


Through connections made at the Farm to Fork event, Schrader Farms Meat Market received several visits from WDI. The family-owned business wasn’t ready to apply for a WDI grant at first, but
eventually added more square footage and additional employees. That’s when Michelle Schrader contacted Trouskie again, and he guided Schrader Farms Meat Market through the WDI grant process.

The WDI award that Schrader Farms Meat Market received pays for 50% of an automatic meat slicer, equipment that will boost the facility’s production capacity and enable the business to fill new contracts for bacon. Attendance at the Farm to Fork event also provided an opportunity to connect with RTD’s Kim Lloyd and build their website.

“We went to the Farm to Fork Solutions Forum to meet one FuzeHub partner, but then we connected with WDI, too. That bonus will help us to grow our business.” –Michelle Schrader, Schrader Farms Meat Market

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