FuzeHub Helps Tech Valley Technologies Increase Supply Chain

Tech Valley Technologies, Inc., (TVT) is a veteran-owned company that develops specialized, responsive targets for the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies, as well as civilian and shooting organizations.


With more orders coming in from around the country and abroad, TVT needed to scale its production capabilities to meet demand, while still advancing its technology to stay at the forefront of its market space(s). TVT met with FuzeHub to discuss the following needs:

  • Increased production capability
  • Reducing supply chain costs
  • Business consulting, including making connections with other companies and entrepreneurs


FuzeHub quickly began connecting TVT with inventors, manufactures and other resources throughout the state. FuzeHub has also connected TVT with inventors, leading to the potential for collaboration, product development, and future growth for the company, providing the following outcomes:

  • Bringing business back in state to New York companies
  • Expanded ecosystem for TVT and made new, profitable connections among New York inventors
    and companies
  • Enhanced TVT’s ability to hire more employees

“FuzeHub’s knowledge of the business landscape and resources available in New York is invaluable. Our company is on the cusp of something really big, and FuzeHub is helping us make it to the next level.” — Barbara Hodge, Senior Vice President of Operations, Tech Valley Technologies, Inc.

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