FuzeHub Helps Tidy Tots Diapers Increase Production

Tidy Tots Diapers launched in June 2013 to manufacture environmentally-sensitive, user-friendly organic diapers that are based on patented technology.


Since the last time FuzeHub had assisted Tidy Tots, they had seen a massive upswing in orders. This increase signaled Sandra’s need to intensify the manufacturing speed. Specifically, Tidy Tots had to quadruple the production of their No Fold™ diapers. Tidy Tots then came to FuzeHub regarding its supply and demand problem. More orders were coming in than its workforce was able to produce. In order to retain the current employees, custom machinery was needed.


FuzeHub’s Solution team was already acquainted with Tidy Tots. This preexisting knowledge of the company allowed FuzeHub to connect Tidy Tots with Pine Ridge Industries – a department of Schenectady ARC. In order to fulfill the company’s funding request, FuzeHub introduced Tidy Tots to WDI. Tidy Tots applied for and received a WDI grant.

The WDI grant enabled Tidy Tots’ purchase of a hook and loop adaptive machine. This piece of equipment is customized for individuals with disabilities. Through Pine Ridge, Tidy Tots can increase production while retaining the same workforce.

“Over the past several years, the people at FuzeHub, especially Everton, have always been incredibly supportive of Tidy Tots.  Their impressive ability to gauge our needs and instantly connect us with remarkable organizations has really made the difference.  With a shared philanthropic mission to create opportunity and jobs for those that frequently experience barriers to employment, we’ve been beyond grateful to have FuzeHub in our corner.”  – Sandra Beck, Founder and CEO, Tidy Tots Diapers

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