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Flextrapower Runs Head-first Into the Medical Device Industry


Flextrapower (formerly Bonbouton) is a New York City startup that is developing a smart insole that detects diabetic foot ulcers before they form. This comfortable, easy-to-wear insole is paired with a mobile app so that users will continuously know the status of their foot health and can seek medical treatment if required.

"FuzeHub has given me the opportunity to explore different manufacturing options within New York and expand our network from New York City to the Capital Region for collaborations. Winning the Commercialization Competition grant not only helped us with funding, but also provided validation that we're adding value to the community."
Linh Le

The Challenge

Flextrapower’s founder, Linh Le, needed funding to improve a proof-of-concept prototype for both manufacturability and usability. He also wanted connections that could help Bonbouton to develop a process for printing graphene, a sensor material that can detect changes in temperature and pressure.

The Solution

Flextrapower applied for FuzeHub’s 2018 Commercialization Competition and won a $50,000 award. The company used this money to pay for design and engineering, several iterations of prototypes, and for the consulting services of a podiatrist who treated diabetic patients on a daily basis. At the Commercialization Competition, Linh Le met Xerox’s Santokh Badesha, a prolific inventor who is also a member of FuzeHub’s Board of Directors. Badesha shared advice and continues to provide guidance to Flextrapower, which is now developing a graphene mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outcomes / The Impact

As a result of its 2018 Commercialization Competition award, Bonbouton has created two jobs and retained three jobs. In addition, the company’s $50,000 award led to $145,000 in follow-on investment and $200,000 in increased sales.

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