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IoT Threats and Vulnerabilities

Sanjay Goel and Kris Kusche

Presented on: Wednesday, December 11th
1pm EST / 10am PST

New solutions and technologies to protect sensors, and the information they provide, must be integrated into existing and future platforms of mobile phones, cars, ships, airplanes, drones, medical devices, robots, and infrastructure.

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As manufacturing becomes increasingly digitized and data-driven, manufacturers will find themselves at serious risk. Although there has yet to be a major successful cyberattack on a U.S. manufacturing operation, threats continue to rise. The complexities of multi-organizational dependencies and datamanagement in modern supply chains mean that vulnerabilities are multiplying. There is widespread agreement among manufacturers, government agencies, cybersecurity firms, and leading academic computer science departments that U.S. industrial firms are doing too little to address these looming challenges. Unfortunately, manufacturers in general do not see themselves to be at particular risk. This lack of recognition of the threat may represent the greatest risk of cybersecurity failure for manufacturers.

Key Technical Contributor: Prof. James Davis, UCLA
Editor: Thomas Mahoney, MForesight
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Our Mission

With the Department of Defense (DoD) ramping up its focus on cybersecurity for the supply chain, manufacturers will need to take specific steps to protect covered information if they want to continue doing business with DoD.
With current and future DoD contracts at stake, compliance is a strategic necessity that contractors cannot ignore. And with third party certification audits to be conducted in 2020, time is running out for manufacturers to reach compliance. To help navigate this new terrain, a team of cybersecurity experts will be conducting webinars to help manufacturers understand the consequences of non-compliance and how to ultimately achieve compliance.
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