December 2013

CNY: ExportNY – New Session Begins January 22

Exporting is one of the most effective means of expanding sales and markets for healthy businesses. Is your company eyeing – or already exploring – markets abroad? If so, you could benefit from the ExportNY program offered by the Kiebach Center for International Business Studies at Syracuse University and TDO, in collaboration with the Central New York International Business Alliance.

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Additive Manufacturing: An Update!

In my blog: Additive Manufacturing – A new tool in the toolbox, part 5, I discussed several bio-3-D Printing projects, like skin, and I mentioned Organovo. It is a California company that was pioneering the 3-D Printing of organ tissue, with an eye toward actually printing organs on demand. They have had excellent results of late, actually printing functional liver tissue. The liver tissue, created using actual cells from donated human livers, is created by printing each type of liver cell, as well as vascular cells in a hex pattern, and providing nutrients so that the cells “grow” as they would in a human liver, to form the liver tissue structure, as well as replicate the liver functions.

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The Transformation of Manufacturing

Deloitte University Press Changes are sweeping the world of manufacturing. Advanced materials and innovative production technologies are maturing. Digital manufacturing techniques are gaining adoption. These

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