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FuzeHub’s goal is to accelerate the growth of small-to-medium manufacturing and technology companies within New York State. From industry networking to awarding manufacturing grants, our team of manufacturing industry experts and economic development members are here to help your business succeed! Learn more about each of the FuzeHub team members below.

Birgit Asbornsen
Program Coordinator
Birgit collaborates with the Innovation Fund manager, supporting the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund program. Additionally, she assists in internal administrative, financial and logistical duties.
518-768-7030 ext. 515
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Brianna Campbell
Design and Communications Specialist
Bri is our creative powerhouse who defines and executes our creative identity and strategy.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 502
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Eric Fasser
Solutions Program Manager
Eric is FuzeHub’s engineering expert, helping New York’s start-ups and manufacturers transform their new product concepts into commercial successes.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 516
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Elena Garuc
Executive Director
Elena is the rockstar of the FuzeHub team who leads everyone in executing FuzeHub's mission to help manufacturers grow and thrive in New York State.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 506
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Zoya Groves
Marketing and Events Assistant
Zoya is instrumental in the creation and implementation of marketing campaigns and the organization of FuzeHub events.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 501
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Everton H. Henriques
Director of Manufacturing and Technology Initiatives
Everton is a manufacturing virtuoso focused on helping the manufacturing community, industry, start-ups, local colleges and universities, and business leaders to advance innovation and technology.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 509
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Paul Hook
Marketing Manager
Paul is FuzeHub’s choral conductor, using his marketing and economic development experience to lead the Agency’s multiple programs as one melodic brand.
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Karin Kasparian
Manager of Grants and Administration
Karin is an organizational guru who keeps FuzeHub running like a well-oiled machine, making sure that all employees have what they need in order to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 505
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Kim Lloyd
Director of Special Projects
Kim is our techie responsible for guiding the efforts of several programs targeted at helping small-to-mid-sized manufacturers, as well as the technology driving the FuzeHub B2B Connection portal.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 508
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Steve Melito
Senior Solutions Specialist
Steve Melito is a Solutions Specialist for FuzeHub and the host of its NYS Manufacturing Now podcast. He also moderates events for FuzeHub and is a regular contributor to its print and digital publications.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 507
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Patty Rechberger
Innovation Fund Manager
Patty is a woman of action who supports the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund by working closely with NYS not-for-profit organizations and manufacturers to support product and process development, enhancement and commercialization.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 512
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Zachary Sauro
Solutions Specialist
Zachary is our data dynamo supporting the Solutions Team. He helps with the technical management of the Solutions Program.
(518) 768-7030 Ext. 503
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John Sinnott
Industry and Technology Advisor
John is part of our brain-trust as the Industry and Technology Advisor to FuzeHub and is the Program Manager for the Industrial Partnerships Program, which is part of the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR).
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Ben Weinberg
Engineering Solutions Specialist
Ben is FuzeHub's 'okayest' engineer. His focus is testing technology to predict failures in robotic cells, reducing operating costs and improving the competitiveness of New York manufacturers.
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