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Join us for an hour every month on a Monday morning to get infused with marketing knowledge and wisdom. These Remo sessions are the perfect place to ask questions, get answers, and discuss your marketing challenges. Each month, we’ll welcome an expert in a specific aspect of marketing such as website development, public relations, social media, or digital marketing. Come when you can and for all of the informational sessions you’d like to attend.
Our team attends many marketing workshops and meetings, but few offer the knowledge and proven experience in manufacturing to be impactful to us. That is why we attend FuzeHub's inFUZEd series. From the industry experts they bring in as speakers to the effective marketing/content strategies discussed with new connections, we are energized by having a great marketing resource for manufacturing here in New York.

Past Events

May 16th, 1pm- 2pm EST

Web compliance is an important part of maintaining a website.  Making sure your website is accessible to people with disabilities, understanding data tracking and monitoring  and other important issues is key.  It’s also the law in some cases.  Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses that are open to the public must ensure that the programs, services, and goods they provide are accessible. That includes websites, as companies facing lawsuits have learned.  

Join us for a web accessibility webinar that manufacturers can’t afford to miss. Topics will include:

  • Why website accessibility and data compliance matters
  • Examples of website compliance tools
  • Resources, technical standards, and steps you can take now

From Local to Global: Is your website working to grow your business?

February 29th, 10am- 11am EST

Website globalization can seem daunting, but a few best practices can make your website appealing to all your potential customers.  A well-designed website will help you communicate to visitors to your website that your business is focused, deliberate, and competent and that the international website visitor will be able to interact with your organization without issue.

Learn best practices for localization, SEO optimization and content marketing to maximize your potential and match your online strategy to your business goals.

darcy knapp

Darcy Knapp, President of SEO Web Mechanics is in online marketing and web management (yes, first 2 years on dial up). Business consulting and strategic planning for small/medium business from start up through restart/rebranding. Web Mechanic and Paid Search Analyst, SEO Specialist and copywriter. Guest lecturer at SUNY Albany, St Rose, CTNH & CTU Masters degree programs for online marketing.

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Kathryn Bamberger, Senior International Trade Manager, Northeastern Region, Empire State Development. In both private and public sector sales and marketing roles, Kathryn has helped develop the web presence for many different organizations. In her role with Global NY, she’s able to share information about research, matchmaking and technical assistance for New York companies as well as grant funding opportunities.

Curt Anderson

Curt founded an eCommerce company in 1995 that was ranked 3X on the Internet Retailer Magazine Top 1000 eCommerce Companies. Curt is the author of “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret” and founder of, an eCommerce resource guide for manufacturers.

Screenshot 2024 02 02 at 4.11.11 PM

Dr. Sanchez- Moore, Director of International Trade, New York Small Business Development Center; boasts an impressive background in international economic development. Her extensive experience encompasses international trade development, foreign direct investment attraction, small business development, and more.

Kim Lloyd

Kim Lloyd is the Director of Special Projects at FuzeHub. She built her first eCommerce website in 1996 and is an expert in Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and Website Design and Development. As Special Projects Director for FuzeHub Kim runs the Marketing Services projects. Since launching marketing services in 2020, FuzeHub has completed more than 20 projects.

Kim’s expertise includes SharpSpring, WordPress, Salesforce, Zapier, Make and other CRM and Web software.


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Dispelling eCommerce Myths for Manufacturers

Held on Tuesday December 12th, 2pm-3:00pm EST

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, manufacturers face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Join us for a thought-provoking and informative webinar, “Dispelling eCommerce Myths for Manufacturers,” where we will debunk common misconceptions and unveil the untapped potential within the manufacturing sector.

Whether you’re a seasoned manufacturer or just beginning to explore eCommerce, this webinar is a must-attend event.

IN-PERSON WORKSHOP: Marketing Essentials for Growth

Held on Tuesday September 19th, 9am-3:30pm EST

It can be daunting to roll up your sleeves and make plans to apply limited resources to your marketing wish list. There is so much to do, how do you decide what’s important? Once you decide, what is the best way to get started?

Join us in September for this in-person workshop to help you figure out how to create and tackle your marketing journey. Everyone will be able to work through hands-on exercises with a Marketing Mentor at every table to guide you and answer questions.

At the end of the workshop you’ll have concrete plans to share with your team back at the office.

Where Customer Journeys and Content Strategies Collide to Increase Engagement and Sales

Holly Barrett, Marketing Director for NextCorps, shows how customer journey mapping can be a useful exercise in helping marketers better understand where opportunities exist to effectively engage both potential and existing clients. It can also identify gaps that might be hindering your ability to close a sale or build lasting loyalty and repeat sales. 

Your Brand on Display: Tradeshows, Events, Workspaces, and More

In-person conferences and expos are back, which brings with it the need for eye-catching exhibit and display graphics to put your business or organization in the best light possible. Presenting your brand doesn’t only take place digitally. Exhibit and custom graphics veteran Lori Squadere brings 30+ years of experience to inFUZEd to share ideas on how to present what’s unique about you at our June Marketing Meetup.

Set Your Organization Apart with Customer Advocacy

Customer testimonials and case studies are a critical part of your marketing strategy. But most manufacturers have a tough time making this type of customer advocacy part of their ongoing marketing efforts. Blockers like competitive concerns, culture, and complexity make it a tough sell to the CEO and to sales. This session will talk about strategies for overcoming these blockers including leveraging video to ease complexity.

Using Data to Create a Plan of Action

Searching for insights into your market or client base? Gathering data to make informed decisions and plans for growth or change is imperative. Recently, the Siena College Research Institute partnered with the Center for Economic Growth to survey Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) members across New York State. The survey explored reshoring, the supply chain, the effects of COVID19, and staffing challenges. This presentation will discuss the use of both quantitative and qualitative data in regard to developing several types of strategies to leverage the findings into actionable plans.

The “Digital Twin” Approach to Marketing

Marketing has long been an afterthought in the manufacturing world. This is the realm of the salesperson, thanks to their product expertise and technical knowledge. But now prospects are searching for product and service answers online. And if you’re not there, your competitors will be. 

Track It! The Basics of Tracking & Reporting for Digital Marketing

The proof is in the numbers, and measurement is the key to success with any digital marketing effort. Learn how to get started with setting up and understanding reporting for your digital marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation Best Practices for Manufacturers

DVIRC’s proven lead generation process aligns companies’ capabilities with market opportunities to drive measurable growth by generating qualified prospects. Few business challenges compare to the urgency of maintaining a pipeline of sales opportunities.

Video and Podcasting

Join us for an interactive dialog with Barry Wygel of Baker Public Relations and Steve Melito with FuzeHub on how to use Video and Podcasts to enhance your marketing efforts. 

PR and Media for Manufacturers

Interactive dialog with John Mackowiak of the Martin Group and Paul Hook with FuzeHub to discuss how to effectively use PR and media to establish your company’s credibility.

STEP Grants / Export Funding

The STEP grant program has helped thousands of small businesses obtain grants and find customers in the international marketplace since 2011. STEP financial support helps small businesses with marketing initiatives including assistance with campaigns, e-commerce, trade show exhibits and training workshops. Join us with this month’s special guests as we discuss how STEP Grants and Export Funding can help manufacturers with their marketing challenges.

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Luke Plating
Luke Plating is the Marketing Manager at DVIRC. He is responsible for maintaining DVIRC’s brand, coordinating campaigns, creating content, developing new products and services, and highlighting the success of DVIRC’s clients.

Before joining DVIRC, Luke worked as both a project manager and digital marketing lead at Bridge Innovate, a business innovation firm with Fortune 500 experience. During his tenure at Bridge, Luke gained certifications in Design Thinking and coordinated and marketed digital innovation sprints, webinars, as well as the Bright Spark® student innovation program. Luke also managed both internal and client-facing customer experience (CX), business innovation, and technology adoption projects.

Prior to his role at Bridge Innovate, Luke worked as a Production & Analytics Specialist for Roundtree Marketing Agency where he led market research and digital advertising efforts while also developing websites, performing web analysis, and producing original content on behalf of Roundtree’s clients in the form of podcasts and blog articles. Luke also led the 2018 CHAgives campaign in Chattanooga, TN which raised over $685,000 for the city’s nonprofit community in a single day on #GivingTuesday.

Luke has led multiple educational workshops for manufacturers on behalf of DVIRC and he is certified in Design Thinking and Lean Tools & Essentials, demonstrating his commitment to adopting innovative approaches to problem-solving and program facilitation.

Luke received a bachelor’s degree in History from Covenant College. He enjoys rock climbing and learning about local history. He currently lives in South Philly with his wife, Madelyn, and dog, Freddy.
Kim Lloyd

Kim Lloyd is the Director of Special Projects at FuzeHub. She built her first eCommerce website in 1996 and is an expert in Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and Website Design and Development. As Special Projects Director for FuzeHub Kim runs the Marketing Services projects. Since launching marketing services in 2020, FuzeHub has completed more than 20 projects.


Kim’s expertise includes SharpSpring, WordPress, Salesforce, Zapier, Make and other CRM and Web software.

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