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Dispelling eCommerce Myths for Manufacturers

Previously Aired December 12, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, manufacturers face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Watch this thought-provoking and informative webinar, “Dispelling eCommerce Myths for Manufacturers,” where we debunk common misconceptions and unveil the untapped potential within the manufacturing sector.


Key Takeaways


1) Busting Common Myths: Uncover the truth behind prevalent eCommerce misconceptions that may be holding your manufacturing business back.

2) Navigating the Digital Landscape: Gain valuable strategies for effectively leveraging eCommerce platforms to enhance your market presence and revenue.

3) Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Discover how manufacturers can turn obstacles into growth catalysts through eCommerce strategies.

4) Success Stories: Hear examples of manufacturers who have successfully embraced eCommerce, and learn from their experiences: STI-CO Industries, Falconer Electronics and U.S. Air Filtration

Director, Global Strategic Business Development of BigCommerce 


Alec is an Ecommerce veteran who started his career at a digital agency, then co-founded BundleB2B which was later acquired by BigCommerce in April 2022.
Alec is currently focused on building out BigCommerce’s technology partner ecosystem to optimize the technology stack for manufacturers & distributors to sell more online & improve business processes.

Nicole is the Founder and CEO of DMG Digital – a content marketing agency dedicated to helping B2B manufacturers earn trust and improve sales by out-teaching the competition. Nicole has dedicated the last twenty years to creating and cultivating exceptional customer experiences. 

Curt Anderson

Curt founded an eCommerce company in 1995 that was ranked 3X on the Internet Retailer Magazine Top 1000 eCommerce Companies. Curt is the author of “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret” and founder of, an eCommerce resource guide for manufacturers.

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