Manufacturing Grants

Due to the current circumstances, FuzeHub’s Manufacturing Grant program has been modified. The new awards and guidelines have been updated to address significant impacts resulting from this global public health pandemic.

FuzeHub will work to continue its original Manufacturing Grants program, connecting not-for-profit organizations with manufacturers, later in the year depending on the availability of funding.

2020 Manufacturing Grants

The Manufacturing Grants are designed to encourage collaboration between not-for-profit organizations in New York State and companies that work within the manufacturing industry. The grants serve as a resource to help small to medium-size manufacturing and technology companies achieve success from early stage, proof of concept through maturity.

The partnership created by the not-for-profit organization and the industry partner serves as a pathway to technology transfer, adoption and implementation of new manufacturing processes, as well as the creation of enhanced products and services.

Recent Awardees
COVID-19 Manufacturing Grants

The COVID-19 Manufacturing Grants are designed to aid existing New York State small to medium-sized manufacturing companies that meet prevailing FDA requirements and can quickly accelerate production of personal protective equipment and respiratory care equipment that has been depleted due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

These grants serve as a resource to assist manufacturers with increasing capacity in current operations as well as to pivot production in an effort to build and assemble these critical need items; specifically, N-95 masks and ventilators.

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