March 2014

Technology Breakthrough: "Google Glasses" on a mission to save lives!

I apologize to my readership for deviating from my usual blogging on Manufacturing Technologies – this article grabbed me so profoundly, I had to share! Besides, it is photonics technology, which is so prevalent in the Upstate NY region, made bode well for a manufacturing opportunity!
A team of scientists and doctors at Washington University of St. Louis, aided by University of Arizona, have developed glasses that have the ability to detect cancer cells! The glasses, already used on February 10 by a surgeon, who was removing a tumor from a breast, proved feasible.

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Additive Manufacturing – A Pragmatic Viewpoint

Life is not all rosy in Additive Manufacturing, according to an article that Forbes just published, there are several challenges manufacturers face in adopting the technologies. I thought I would paraphrase the article, since it represents a counterpoint to the picture I may have been presenting about the joys of additive in my past blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I embrace the technology, but I want to present a balanced viewpoint, this article accomplishes that!

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