January 2015

Manufacturing warehouse

January Thaw: NYS Manufacturing Activity Warms Up

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is reporting that its Empire State Manufacturing index rose to 10 this month after dropping to -1.23 in December. Any reading above zero indicates economic expansion, and the January 2015 survey of New York State manufacturers looks promising.

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build an innovation lab

P1 Industries Inc. Invests in New Innovation Lab

P1 Industries plans to build a million-dollar innovation lab in Scotia that will add design, development, and prototyping to its portfolio of manufacturing services. Founded by David Dussault, an Albany-area industrial entrepreneur, the Schenectady company employs 85 people and earns nearly $20 million in revenue. Formerly known as DHA Holdings, P1 Industries makes parts for the oil and gas and power generation industries.

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ThermoAura Opens New Nanocrystal Factory in Colonie

ThermoAura is a Capital Region startup that manufactures a nano-enhanced thermoelectric material that’s 25% more efficient and costs 40% less to produce than competitor offerings. Founded in June 2011 by Dr. Rutvik Metha, a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), the company is continuing is successful transition from university laboratory to commercial manufacturing.

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Converging Factors in U.S. Manufacturing for 2015

Predicting Manufacturing Success in 2015

John Zegers, the director of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Manufacturing, is predicting “a landmark year for American manufacturing in 2015.” In an article for Manufacturing.Net, the former manufacturers’ representative explains that “a convergence of activities” will help U.S. companies to grow, change, and compete.

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Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2015

5 Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2015

What is the future of manufacturing in 2015? According to Michael Kotelec of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, there are five trends that will cause manufacturers to adjust their supply chains and modify their business models in the new year. Kotelec’s Industry Week predictions apply globally, but which trends will affect New York State manufacturers the most?

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Factory Wages: The Mean is Not the Average

The National Employment Law Project’s (NELP) study about American factories contains conclusions that equate the state of the auto parts industry with U.S. manufacturing as a whole. In philosophy, confusing the part with the whole is known as the fallacy of composition. On the factory floor, finding a bad part in a big batch is known as quality assurance. So is the NELP study flawed, or is it a fine example of QA?

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