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5 Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2015


What is the future of manufacturing in 2015? According to Michael Kotelec of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, there are five trends that will cause manufacturers to adjust their supply chains and modify their business models in the new year. Kotelec’s Industry Week predictions apply globally, but which trends will affect New York State manufacturers the most?
First, there’s the SMAC Stack – social, mobile, analytics, and cloud. This technology toolkit can help drive customer engagement and business growth, but are manufacturers ready for the cultural change that’s required? Kotelec believes that early adopters can win big, and that they’ll also embrace a second trend. Increasingly, social media will provide a platform for product analysis, comparison, and purchasing.
Kotelec also predicts that the Internet of Things (IoT) will increase automation and job creation. New R&D positions will enable employees to develop their talents, and IoT’s condition-based maintenance will help to keep factory equipment running smoothly. When older machinery needs to be replaced, an improving economic outlook will mean more capital investment.
Finally, Kotelec forecasts that “next shoring” will continue to shake up global supply chains. By developing and manufacturing products closer to the point-of-sale, suppliers can do more than reduce shipping costs. Next-shoring moves manufactured items to market faster, relieving work-in-process costs and meeting consumer demands.
Is your company on track for SMAC Stack or social-media driven innovation in 2015? Will you experiment with IoT or boost your capital expenses? Is next-shoring on the horizon for your business in the year ahead?
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