Product Manufacturing 201


This unique workshop is designed to help “hardware” physical product manufacturers to plan for scaling up their production. It is recommended for companies that have proven out their product and are getting ready to scale up production.

The workshop introduces manufacturing planning concepts and tools to improve your transition from low volume to higher volume production. The 1-day session will focus on developing a manufacturing readiness plan, calculating your cost of goods sold, production cost estimating based on various volume scales, make vs. buy strategy, and how to optimize strategic supply chain partnerships.

The session includes workshop exercises that your team can apply to your manufacturing operations and use as planning tools going forward. The program allows time for meaningful 1-on-1 meetings with instructors and manufacturing experts to provide individual and direct support for your team.


0830 – 0900  Breakfast and Networking

0900 – 0915  Program Overview

0915 – 0930  FuzeHub and Partner Overview

0930 – 0945  Participant Introductions

0945 – 1045  Developing a Manufacturing Readiness Plan (Exercise)

1045 – 1100  Break

1100 – 1145  Calculating Your Cost of Goods Sold (Exercise)

1145 – 1245  Developing an Intelligent Production Cost Estimate (Exercise)

1245 – 0145  Lunch

0145 – 0245  Make vs. Buy: Trade Offs of In-House vs. Outsource Production Strategy

0245 – 0330  Supplier Partnerships: Identify, Select, Negotiate (Exercise)

0330 – 0400  Participant Needs and Challenges Sharing Session

0400 – 0500  Networking and Reception

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Module Descriptions

Developing a Manufacturing Readiness Plan

The module provides the foundation for helping structure a Manufacturing Readiness Plan to assess the maturity of your current production process and lay the groundwork for an action plan to improve manufacturing readiness and production process scaling. Each participant will self-assess their current position and determine a stage of development for future planning.

Calculating Your Cost of Goods Sold

This module helps calculate your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) as well as what influences it. The session provides the basics of fixed and variable costs and how they change with volume. This session includes a workshop exercise where each participant can begin to make high level calculations on fixed vs. variable cost and COGS which can be used going forward as a product development planning tool.

Developing an Intelligent Production Cost Estimate based on Volume Scale

The module provides a unique methodology for developing an intelligent production cost estimate based on current volume, inventory, capital equipment, tooling, work flow, labor requirements, and tak time. This includes a workshop exercise where each participant will map their production work flow process to estimate current volume as well determine adjustments required as you move to higher volume.

Make vs. Buy: Trade Offs of In-House vs. Outsource Production Strategy

The module offers an objective view on make (in-house) vs. buy (outsource) approach to support your manufacturing strategy. The session provides impact these decisions have on cost structures, quality control, customer and capital risks.

Supplier Partnerships: How to Identify, Select and Negotiate

The module addresses how to choose and approach a supplier (contract manufacturer), handling intellectual property (IP) with suppliers, negotiating contracts with a potential partner. The session includes an exercise to assess supply chain risk.