Product Manufacturing 101 Workshop

workshop agenda

FuzeHub’s Build4Scale NY training equips hardware product innovators with the information they need in order to create manufacturing-ready product designs and avoid common mistakes that lead to costly rework. Our unique Manufacturing 101 Workshop is a 1-day, hands-on session where experts and mentors will challenge you to optimize your product design for manufacturability, durability and cost reductions.

You will use exercises in lean product design and structured methodologies for evaluating your bill of materials and processes, as well as plan for potential failure modes. So if you’re looking to remove waste and risk from your product’s manufacturing process, avoid common pitfalls that derail many new technology companies, and accelerate the commercialization of your product, then this workshop is for you!

0830 - 0900 | Registration

0900 - 0930 | Program Overview & Introductions

0930 - 1000 | Designing Your Product for X (Workshop Exercise)

1000 - 1045 | Developing Your Bill of Materials (Workshop Exercise)

1045 - 1100 | Break

1100 - 1200 | Developing Your Manufacturing Bill of Process (Workshop Exercise)

1200 - 0100 | Working Lunch: Leaning Your Product Design (Workshop Exercise)

0100 - 0130 | Moving from Alpha/Beta Prototypes to Manufacturing at Scale

0130 - 0200 | Design for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (Workshop Exercise)

0200 - 0300 | Mentorship & Coaching: One-on-One with Instructors

Thursday, May 14th, 2020


Workshop Location:

Buffalo Manufacturing Works
683 Northland Ave
Buffalo, NY 14211


$95 for 1 attendee
$125 for 2 attendees
Breakfast and lunch are included


Event Partners
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module descriptions

Designing Your Product for X

This module helps prioritize your product design utilizing case studies and a workshop exercise. Each participant will identify, evaluate and prioritize designing their product for customer use, market acceptance, manufacturability, assembly, durability, reliability, installation, maintenance, logistics.

Developing a Strategic Bill of Materials (BOM)

The module provides the foundation for helping structure an intelligent bill of materials that not only lists all the parts and materials needed to create your product but also supports an accurate determination of your cost of goods sold, cash flow requirements, parts numbering, parts revisions/variations, lead-time estimates, quality tracing, quote timing, etc. Each participant will construct the foundation for their intelligent bill of materials during the workshop and can use it going forward as a product development planning tool.

Developing a Strategic Bill of Process (BOP)

The module provides a unique methodology for developing an intelligent bill of process, a step by step production map for assembling your product including the parts, tools, machines and operations needed to assemble a given product design. This includes a workshop exercise where each participant will map their production process and can use it going forward as a product development planning tool.

Leaning Your Product Design

The module provides a unique methodology for taking a critical assessment of your product design in an effort to reduce complexity and drive out cost. Each participant is guided through a “Parts Value Challenge” exercise that challenges your product design to minimize the number of parts, minimize the number of process steps, design out parts that commonly fail, and target multi-touch operations for process step reductions.

Moving from Proof of Concept to Alpha/Beat Prototypes to Production

The module addresses key questions to consider when designing and testing your next generation prototype or product launch. The session will provide insight on the most common mistakes to avoid, and how to avoid the development of several prototype modifications.

Next Generation Product Design Planning

The module provides a Manufacturing Risk Assessment to support your next generation prototype or product launch. Participants will engage in a Design for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) exercise that helps determine potential failures in their design, determine the potential for occurrence, severity and detection, and through a unique scoring system determine the potential failures to prioritize for attention in their product development and test plan.

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