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FuzeHub's Build4Scale NY Membership Program is made up of four key elements designed to help early stage physical product developers and small to medium sized manufacturers throughout NY state transition into manufacturing, prepare to scale up production, and commercialize their products more quickly and efficiently.

Take a look at our current Build4Scale Program members.

Posted 9 months ago

Tapecon works with product teams to improve market competitiveness through outsourced manufacturing solutions with expertise in specialized printing and converting, printed flexible electronics, and contract...

 NonFunded B4S Members / 200 views

Posted 10 months ago

Pristeem manufactures and sells a futuristic self-service garment cleaning device to residential and commercial properties allowing it's tenants to clean any outfit in just 10...

 Funded B4S Members / 262 views

Posted 11 months ago

WexEnergy is poised to disrupt the window replacement and building insulation markets with WindowSkin®, an affordable window insulation solution that easily and dramatically improves the...

 Funded B4S Members / 212 views

Posted 11 months ago

Smart Walls Construction is a company that manufactures and installs on-demand structural walls for flood protection. Our technology, Smart Walls, are telescopic structural walls that...

 Funded B4S Members / 402 views

Posted 11 months ago

Coastal Innovations is an erosion control and flood protection solutions provider. Coastal Innovations produces innovative, cost-competitive, and state-of-the-art products that provide superior erosion and flood...

 Funded B4S Members / 316 views

Posted 11 months ago

Paradigm manufacturers emissions control devices which use non-thermal plasma to reduce CO2 and eliminate up to 98% of the particulate matter in diesel and gasoline...

 Funded B4S Members / 290 views

Posted 11 months ago

HUB Controls Ltd. is an Irish company that has developed the HUB Controller, a smart thermostat that controls and automatically reduces the energy usage of...

 NonFunded B4S Members / 284 views

Posted 11 months ago

Aestus Inc. is developing THERMOMAGNETIC GENERATORS to capture and transform WASTE HEAT into useful ELECTRIC POWER. Completed Build4Scale Assessment and received Assessment Report. Attended Build4Scale...

 Funded B4S Members / 199 views

Posted 11 months ago

Potsdam Sensors build sensors for monitoring air quality in hospitals, industries, education institutions, and other large indoor facilities.  The sensors measure airborne particle concentrations, gas...

 Funded B4S Members / 186 views

Posted 11 months ago

MicroEra Power is a system integrator, developing a set of products for commercial and industrial energy storage and peak power management.  Filling in the gaps...

 NonFunded B4S Members / 208 views

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