Contract Manufacturers

Are you a contract manufacturer who specializes in prototyping and low volume production runs?

Would you like to connect with the New York’s most promising start-up and early stage technology developers and support their product launch?

If so, please complete the application below. FuzeHub is partnering with New York based technology incubators to launch a series of training sessions across the state focused on accelerating the commercialization and scale up manufacturing of “hardware” physical product developers. As a part of this mission, we will be providing these budding technology companies with direct connections to regional supply chain partners.

By completing the application, this will allow us to match-make and conduct personal introductions that will provide business opportunities for your company.

We also will be asking for New York based contract manufacturers to participate in the training sessions as mentors and provide tours of their operations for these breakthrough technology companies.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • If none of the above sectors apply, tell us your industry.
  • Briefly describe what capabilities that make you unique.
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  • Briefly describe what types of materials you work with or specific ones you don't work with.
  • Describe one or more of the top services or products or technologies or pieces of equipment offered/used by your company. i.e. Water Jet Cutting - We water jet cut sheet materials up to 24" x 10#, or other capability you would like to highlight.