For Early Stage Innovators

101: Leaning Your Product Design: Design for Manufacturability Workshop

This unique workshop is designed to accelerate the commercialization and scale up of “hardware” physical product developers.

The workshop introduces design for manufacturability and lean product design concepts utilizing a structured methodology for evaluating your Bill of Materials (BOM), how your product is produced/Bill of Process (BOP) and defining your potential failure modes.

The 1-day session will focus on how to move from proof-of-concept to alpha and beta prototypes to production scale, using tangible exercises that directly support your manufacturing needs by identifying potential manufacturability issues early on that could prohibit commercialization and long-term viability.

201:  Manufacturing Your Product: Preparing to Scale Your Operations

This unique workshop is designed to help “hardware” physical product manufacturers to plan for scaling up their production.

The workshop introduces manufacturing planning concepts and tools to help your transition from low volume to higher volume production.

The 1-day session will focus on developing a manufacturing readiness plan, calculating your cost of goods sold, production cost estimating based on various volume scales, make vs. buy strategy, and how to optimize strategic supply chain partnerships.