Build4Scale NY Webinars


These focused lessons provide valuable training on a some of the most pressing topics facing hardware start-ups today, in a convenient and easily-accessible way.

Webinar content is relevant, up-to-date, and presented by subject-matter experts. All webinars will be recorded and available for future review. Potential webinar topics include:

IP & PATENTS   Offers practical and easy-to-understand advice from a patent attorney on protecting your intellectual property (from competitors, customers, and contact manufacturers) and knowing whether or not it makes sense to file a patent.

PRODUCT COSTS   Introduces the difference between fixed, variable, direct, and indirect costs, and explains how they can impact pricing and profit margin. Discusses the importance of knowing your current product cost and estimating your future product cost before investing in manufacturing or launching at the wrong price point.

MANUFACTURING STRATEGY   Identifies methods for developing a strategy to engage with service providers. Evaluate whether you should manufacture in-house, work with a contractor manufacturer, or develop a a strategic partnership.

DESIGN FOR “X”   Hardware manufacturers have a lot of things to consider when it comes to their product design. From customer requirements to manufacturability to quality, packaging and cost, if you overlook any of these design requirements, you could be asking for trouble down the line – when it could cost you the most.

SCALE UP   Presents planning tools that are crucial when preparing to manufacture your prototype as a high volume product. Concepts include lean design, selecting and working with contract manufacturers, and having a distribution plan.

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