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Crowdfunding: The Latest Economic Growth and Fundraising Tool

In an effort to stimulate economic growth in the startup and emerging business sectors, Congress is working on new rules and regulations that will make it easier for businesses to raise capital directly from the public. To raise awareness of this initiative, the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT), NYSTAR, Sensor CAT, and the Center for Biotechnology presented a Crowdfunding Workshop earlier this year to discuss the latest economic growth and fundraising tool.
The presentations below outline:

  • Crowdfunding Legal Implications: 506(c) Changes, Crowdfunding Rules, Pros/Cons, The Future of Fundraising
  • Business Implications: What Investors Look For, Commercial Viability, Business Plan, Valuation
  • Tax Implications: Reporting Requirements, Tax Planning, Exit Strategy
  • Initiate a Crowdfunding Campaign: Types of Oerings, Creating an Executive Campaign, Keys to Success

Crowdfunding: Startup and Emerging Business Funding Opportunity
Crowdfunding: Tax Implications
Crowdfundin: Wealth Forge Holdings
Crowdfuding: The Future of Startup Financing
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