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How New York Manufacturers Can Increase Exports

NYS Export Opportunities
Manzella Report:

Written by: Steve Melito
Does your NYS manufacturing company ship products to Canada? Have you considered opening an office in China, or a warehouse in Mexico? Depending on your industry, maybe markets in Asia, Europe, or India are a better fit. New York manufacturers have a world of options when it comes to international trade, and the Empire State supports exports by land, sea, or air.
So where do you start, especially if your manufacturing company is a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) instead of a large corporation? In an article called “Four Steps to Making
the Most of Export Opportunities,” trade expert Paul Daemen explains what you need to do. Evaluating market potential is important, but it’s only the first step in a process that requires research and analysis.
Do you need help evaluating market entry constraints and market competitiveness? Daemen provides links to on-line resources like this one from the World Trade Organization (WTO).
He also directs readers to rankings from The World Bank, a United Nations international financing institution. Finally, the trade expert unlocks Gold Key, a low-cost U.S. Department of Commerce tool for finding local agents or distributors.
If your NYS manufacturing company is ready to explore opportunities abroad, reading Paul Daemen’s article is a great place to start. Remember, too, that FuzeHub can help connect you with world-class resources and solutions.
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