NYS Manufacturing and Tech News Week of 2.25.19

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FuzeHub executive director helps New York manufacturers grow

“She’s executive director of FuzeHub, a clearinghouse of information and funding for New York manufacturers, and it’s typically the smaller or startup companies that seek out FuzeHub’s help, and benefit most from it.”

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Draft Picks: A Growing Number of Breweries Now Call Brooklyn Home

“After beer production dried up around the borough in the 1970s, Brooklyn-produced suds are staging a comeback. A growing number of local breweries have opened in recent years, churning out pints quite different than the standard Budweiser and Coors lagers.”

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The State of Metal Additive Manufacturing

“Although the metal additive manufacturing (AM) industry is relatively new—especially compared to more traditional manufacturing technologies, such as machining—it’s already seeing a number of big shake-ups.”

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State Sen. Cathy Young to lead Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture in Geneva

“Cornell University announced Thursday that Cathy Young, 58, has been named director of the New York State Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva.”

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Taste of WNY Moved Across America

“More and more WNY transplants across the nation are able to get a food fix from an iconic Western New York food, Sahlen’s hot dogs.”

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