Dr. Hak J. Kim

Chair, Department of Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, Co-Director, Cybersecurity Innovation and Research Center, Hofstra University

Dr. Hak J. Kim is a Chair of the Department of Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, and Co-Director of the Cybersecurity Innovation and Research Center, at Hofstra University. He earned a Ph.D. in information systems from the University of Pittsburgh and received an M.S. in Engineering (major: telecommunications) from University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to beginning his academic career, he had worked for six years as a research engineer at SK Telecom which is a world-class wireless network carrier. Dr. Kim’s research includes cloud computing security, AI for cybersecurity, and digital forensics. His current research topics are 1) Tracing a user’s behavior against a phishing email using an eye-tracking tool and 2) Blockchain: Implications and Cybersecurity Considerations of Congressional Remote Voting Under Emergency (i.e., COVID-19). Dr. Kim’s articles have been published in International Journal of Business Information Systems, Telematics and Informatics, and International Journal of Business Data Communications and Networking. He is the recipient of the Dean’s Research Award for the Zarb School of Business and a research grant from the David D. Lattanze Center at Loyola College in Maryland. Dr. Kim has a strong interest in pre-college (K-12) education, and has done several summer workshops, such as mobile app game design on smartphones and cybersecurity experience for business. 

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