Kevin Kubit

Chief Operating Officer, Creative Engineering

Kevin Kubit is the Chief Operating Officer of Creative Engineering. His versatile product and engineering knowledge, astute business intuition, and management acumen make him a unique asset to his organization. His commitment to personal growth, quality customer service, and employee welfare reflects his ability to create a hassle-free work atmosphere that delivers for its clients. What makes Kevin truly indispensable are his remarkable abilities when it comes to laying out development pathways with precise timelines and resource costs – something Startups rely on heavily for success.
Kevin has a solid track record of successfully spearheading projects for rapidly expanding companies, able to provide innovative solutions for even the most demanding clients. His planning, management, and design expertise was invaluable during his 7-figure project with a telecom giant, which required an aggressive schedule. The project’s requirements drove the need for a staggering half mile of wiring per unit. When the project was lagging, he personally directed builds on the shop floor and updates to design and managed installers onsite. Kevin is no stranger to taking on complex tasks, constantly rising to the challenge with ease and intelligence.

Kevin has consistently shown that he truly is an innovative engineer and entrepreneur with a remarkable penchant for design. From his early days as an engineer, Kevin has made tremendous strides in the industry, creating two revolutionary machines that have been installed nationwide. The FlavorX auto and Fillmaster Plus are fully and semi-automated machines used to reconstitute and flavor liquid medications in pharmacies nationwide. Thanks to Kevin’s pioneering design, pharmacies can now offer precisely dosed medication with the perfect amount of water and flavoring, making taking it much more palatable for children. Kevin’s accomplishments have been invaluable to his clients, and he intends to continue in his efforts to remain a student of life.

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