Steve Melito

Senior Solutions Specialist, FuzeHub

Steve Melito is a Solutions Specialist for FuzeHub and the host of its NYS Manufacturing Now podcast. When you contact FuzeHub for business or technical assistance, Steve is typically the first person you’ll speak with. He also moderates events for FuzeHub and is a regular contributor to its print and digital publications.

In addition to his FuzeHub work, Steve is the founder and co-owner of Thunderbolt Business Services, a marketing agency for manufacturers with clients across North America. He is a former member of the Sales and Marketing Committee for the International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking (IADD), the current chair of the News & Website Committee for The Los Angles Rubber Group (TLARGI), and a mentor to student entrepreneurs through Colgate University’s Thought into Action (TIA) program.

Steve has worked on assembly lines, in factory offices, and as the manager of engineering editorial content for an industrial search engine. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Colgate University, a Master’s degree from Southern Methodist University, and is cited in several books about cyberwarfare.

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