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Manufacturing Round Up for the Week of 11/13/2015


Saratoga Startup Gets $1 Million To Scale Anti-Nuclear Spill Technology

“The Saratoga Springs startup Free Form Fibers has received $1 million from the Department of Energy to scale its fibers that could prevent future nuclear accidents into production.”
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Kodak Alaris Launches Artificial Intelligence Business

“Kodak Alaris Inc. has formed a new business dedicated to helping organizations process and learn from structured and unstructured data through the use of proprietary artificial intelligence technology.”
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New York’s Manufacturers Celebrated With A Special Month

“What is not as well known? New York State remains a top 10 manufacturing state with the promise of continued growth and vitality. There are good paying jobs and career path opportunities readily available for those who decide to pursue them. We have found that there is a general lack of awareness that these jobs are available at our region’s most reputable manufacturers and businesses.”
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When Does IoT Make Sense?

“In today’s world, there’s often more to objects than meets the eye. The Internet of Things (IoT) means that watches can be connected communication devices; pill bottles can be medication monitors; and thermostats can adjust themselves.”
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Take A Look At The Top Private Companies Around Buffalo

“They are big and, collectively, they are getting bigger. “They” are the Top Private Companies in the Buffalo area and Business First has them ranked — from No. 1 to No. 67 — according to the paper’s research director, Alexander Parker. He was aided by Dopkins & Co. in putting the list together.”

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