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NYS Craft Beverage Industry Raises a Glass to ESD Grant


Wine drinkers have long proclaimed the health benefits of a glass of red or white. Beer drinkers counter that brews are better, and that craft beers are both heart-healthy and nutrient-packed. Fans of hard cider are less numerous perhaps, but an apple a day is said to keep the doctor away. While the debate over which drink is “healthiest” continues, the craft beverage industry is thriving in New York State.
Recently, the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce (ARCC) received a $168,300 grant from Empire State Development (ESD) to update the ARCC’s Beverage Trail map, a guide to 22 craft beverage makers, including 13 breweries, five wineries, three distilleries, and one cider house. The ESD grant will help finance the development of a new mobile app and a website about the Beverage Trail.
If the link between beer-drinking and map-making seems unclear, just look beyond the bottle, growler, or glass. Over the past two years, craft beer production has increased by a whopping 54% in the Empire State. Craft breweries are cropping up in the Albany region at a rate that’s higher than the national average, and it’s not just thirsty locals who benefit from locally-produced beers, wines, ciders, and spirits.
Successful start-ups in any industry need equipment, employees, and expertise. Unlike a machine shop or a parts manufacturers, however, the Beverage Trail also appeals to tourists from neighboring states. That’s why part of the ARCC’s plan is to market the trail to visitors from New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
Have you visited a New York State craft brewery yet? Does your manufacturing company supply the type of equipment or expertise that a start-up may need to succeed and grow?
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