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Industry Podcast

NYS Manufacturing Now is FuzeHub’s premier podcast, showcasing new innovations and technologies developed right here in New York. Hear what’s going on inside manufacturing and start-up businesses that are leveraging cutting edge expertise, resources, and programs across the state to modernize their operations and solve technical challenges.
New York has the talent, resources and economy to help any dynamic manufacturing business grow and thrive. NYS is investing in infrastructure, and committed to low-cost clean energy to power business and protect the environment.

Episode 34: The Sun Never Sets on East/West Industries

Joe Spinosa, Vice President of Business Development at East/West Industries, recently spoke with NYS Manufacturing Now about the company’s history, strengths, and plans for the future. Joe also shared how East/West Industries was the recipient of a cybersecurity grant from the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP) – and why cybersecurity is critical for manufacturers in the defense supply chain.

Episode 33: On the Go with TDO

Train, Develop, Optimize (TDO) is the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center for Central New York, a region that spans Onondaga, Madison, Oswego, Cortland, and Cayuga counties. From Kata and Kaizen to technology commercialization and value stream mapping, TDO reported $184M in new and retained sales over a recent five-year period.

Episode 32: Get Your Cybersecurity in Gear

Performing a cybersecurity assessment is a lot like a test drive. You need to know what you have and if there are things you need to fix. It helps if you know a good mechanic or, in this case, a cybersecurity expert. You can find out if you need to make repairs and, if so, how to make the right ones. By performing a hands-on assessment, you can avoid bigger problems down the road.

Episode 31: Helping Children with Autism

 Katya Sverdlov, CFA, Esq., Chief Executive Officer of JelikaLite, recently spoke with NYS Manufacturing Now about the company’s efforts to literally light the way to a brighter future. Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy, JelikaLite’s core technology, is an innovative red / near infrared light treatment that has been shown to have beneficial effects on children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Episode 30: FuzeHub's Past, Present and Future

Elena Garuc, executive director of FuzeHub, recently spoke with NYS Manufacturing Now about FuzeHub’s previous successes, current programs, and plans for the future. From the Manufacturer Solutions Program to the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund (and beyond), FuzeHub is providing NYS manufacturing and technology companies with the programs and assets they need to overcome challenges to growth.


Episode 29: The College That Connects

William H. “Bill” McDonald, the associate dean of academic affairs for the Business, Health, Science and Technology Division, recently spoke with NYS Manufacturing Now about Herkimer College’s mission, Cree’s new construction, previous events with FuzeHub, and the winning combination of food, technology, and manufacturing in the Mohawk Valley.

Episode 28: Why Herkimer Is The Center

Herkimer County, New York, is an epicenter of economic activity. Within 300 miles of this Mohawk Valley location, you’ll find 25% of the total population of the United States and Canada – and tremendous manufacturing wealth. For John Piseck, Executive Director of the Herkimer Industrial Development Agency (HCIDA), regional economic development is part of a large and fruitful landscape.

Episode 27: CWS Packaging: The Small Town Company with Big Customers

New York State Manufacturing Now meets Eric Moore, Vice President of CWS Packaging in Norwich, NY. CWS Packaging is a certified supplier for top U.S. pharmaceutical, HBA (health and beauty aid) and retail companies that also specialize in processes that require greater manual labor. CWS is a diverse employer with a workforce that includes employees with physical and developmental disabilities.

Episode 26: NAmTrans Moves Mountains

Joel Wood, the Director of NAmTrans, tells FuzeHub’s Steve Melito how the organization got started, where it’s headed, and how this strategic subsidiary of the North Country Chamber of Commerce is supporting one the world’s most diverse and innovative transportation clusters.

Episode 25: Manufacturing E-Commerce at Falconer Electronics

Falconer Electronics and its business consultant, Curt Anderson of B2Btail, tells FuzeHub’s Steve Melito about Falconer Electronic’s e-commerce experience. For small to medium-sized enterprises across New York State, Falconer’s story offers valuable lessons you can apply to your own business.

Episode 24: Training Expert Employees with the SUNY Apprenticeship Program

Hear from James Willey and Matt Maloy, the coordinators of workforce development at MVCC. You’ll also hear from Cory Albrecht, the director of AIM, which is the regional Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center for the Mohawk Valley. Each of these resources will share insights about apprenticeships that can help NYS manufacturers find workforce talent. Career seekers can also learn about valuable opportunities through apprenticeship programs.

Episode 23: Elcan Industries: Moving Mountains (Of Metal Powder)

FuzeHub sits down with Russ Grotto of Elcan Industries, a 27-year-old sieving company in Tuckahoe, NY. Elcan Industries will not only sieve powders (also known as toll processing) into smaller particles but they also offer a variety of contract manufacturing services. They’re also very committed to investing in their workforce.

Episode 22: KIRSH Helmets: Protecting Riders with Innovative Technologies

FuzeHub’s NYS Manufacturing Now podcast interviewed Donald DeVito, President and COO of KIRSH Helmets in Schenectady, NY. KIRSH is the only company to completely manufacture a motorcycle helmet in the United States and has a strong local supply chain.

Episode 21: Incodema: From Metal Fabrication to Pandemic Mitigation

As you’ll learn from this podcast, Incodema pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic to supply a local hospital, Cayuga Medical Center, with reusable face shields that can be fully sterilized. In the process, Incodema learned lessons about itself and became an even more innovative company.  

Episode 20: Eck Plastic Arts: Saving Clients Money By Delivering More Value. How the Eck do they do it?

FuzeHub’s NYS Manufacturing Now podcast interviewed Brett Pennefeather from Eck Plastics Products, a full-service injection molding, thermoforming, fabrication, and product finishing company. Eck Plastic Arts is located in Binghamton, NY and produces quality plastic parts for original equipment manufacturers.

Episode 19: COVID-19 Update: Where Are Our Past Guests Now?

Three manufacturers from past episodes of FuzeHub’s New York State Manufacturing Now podcast spoke with us recently about their experiences during COVID-19. Sue Kerber and Zak Kerber from RAD Soap joined Lloyd Ploof from Square One Coating Systems and Shawn Baker of Chenango Valley Technologies in a special three-part podcast that examines what they’ve been doing during the pandemic. 

Episode 18: WDI Sounds Workforce Solutions

The Workforce Development Institute (WDI) is a non-profit organization that partners with NYS businesses, unions, and community organizations to create positive workforce outcomes. WDI began in 2003 as a partner to the NYS AFL-CIO and Area Labor Federations to provide workforce training and education services to regional and local unions. Since then, WDI’s role has evolved as demand for its services have grown.

Episode 17: Engineering Success With Colin Touhey Of Pvilion

Listen to FuzeHub’s podcast with Pvilion to learn more about the rise of this dynamic company. In addition to telling Pvilion’s story, Touhey shares advice for startups and addresses challenges that manufacturers face. He also describes Pvilion’s successes and explains how his company has benefitted by working with NYS-funded assets.

Episode 16: AeroMed Pivots During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Episode 15: CVT: Doing their part by manufacturing yours.

FuzeHub sits down with Shawn Baker of Chenango Valley Technologies a 47 year old full service injection molding company. Listen to their story about how they’ve grown to be a one-stop-shop for anyone needing their services.

Episode 14: Can I Borrow Your Engineer?

Steve from FuzeHub, sits down with the team at the Manufacturing Technology Enterprise Center (MTEC) to talk about their work as the Hudson Valley Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center.

Episode 13: Square One Coating Systems - Going the Distance for Corrosion Resistance

FuzeHub sits down with Tom Basile, Sales and Service Manager at Square One Coating Systems, a metal finishing company in Oriskany, NY with over 100 years of combined experience and technical expertise.

Episode 12: From Home-brew to Whole Foods RAD Soap's Story

FuzeHub sits down with Rad Soap to learn about their journey from a small kitchen operation to a large production facility in Menands, NY. Learn about where they’ve been and where they’re going on this episode of NYSMN.

Episode 11: Interviewing Tapecon a Centennial NYS Manufacturer

FuzeHub interviews Steve Davis of Tapecon, a hundred year old manufacturer in New York State.

Episode 10: What's Brewing at FX Matt Brewery with Dan Voce

FuzeHub sits down with Dan Voce from FX Matt Brewery to talk about his experience as Packaging Manager. Dan also shares the brewery’s storied history and how they have supported and impacted the community around the brewery.

Episode 9: Talking Training and Factory Automation with Steven Smith of Perdix Software

Our host Steve Melito chats with Steven Smith of Perdix Software about the future of workforce training, and factory automation.

Episode 8: Crowley Machining & Fabrication

FuzeHub interviews Tom Crowley of Crowley Machining & Fabrication and he shares his challenges and triumphs of building a manufacturing business in New York State’s Southern Tier.

Episode 7: Talking Iot with Temboo

Steve talks with Jessica Califano and Vaughn Shinall of Temboo about the internet of things and how manufacturers are using new IoT technologies to improve their production, cut costs and eliminate waste.

Episode 6: Getting to Know the MedTech Association with Win Thurlow

Join Steve in getting to know the MedTech Association through its Executive Director Win Thurlow, and learn how the medical device developers and manufacturers are shaping the industry in NYS and beyond.

Episode 5: Lou Manzo of Progress Industries & Arc Oneida-Lewis

Steve Melito from FuzeHub interviews Lou Manzo from Progress Industries & Arc Oneida-Lewis about his manufacturing business that supports people with disabilities.

Episode 4: Paul LaPorte - Cybersecurity for Manufacturers

Steve Melito chats with Paul LaPorte, the Cybersecurity Coordinator from the Advanced Institute for Manufacturing. Hear what Paul has to say about the importance of Cybersecurity, for all manufacturers, no matter how large of small. 

Episode 3: Talking to Suresh Dhaniyala founder of Potsdam Sensors and Commercialization Competition 2017 Winner

Listen to FuzeHubs’ Steve Melito and Suresh Dhaniyala of Potsdam Sensors, a past winner for the Commercialization Competiton talk about Suresh’s experience and the competition and what he gained from the competition.

Episode 2: Joshua Aviv of SparkCharge on Winning the Commercialization Competition and Beyond

Steve Melito of FuzeHub chats with Josua Aviv, founder of SparkCharge, and previous winner of FuzeHub’s Commercialization Competition. Learn about SparkCharge’s growth after the competition and find out his advice for this year’s competitors.

Episode 1: Meeting with Matt Watson of Empire State Development

Steve Melito of FuzeHub talks with Matt Watson, the Director of the Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) at Empire State Development about NYS programs and resources available to small startup and manufacturing enterprises.