Long Island Life Science Anchor Institutions


Stony Brook University (SBU) provides comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, and professional education to 26,000 students supported by 2,700 faculty members and has been ranked among the top 35 public universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. SBU is also a member in the Association of American Universities (AAU) placing it among the top 65 research institutions in North America.  SBU’s Renaissance School of Medicine consists of nine basic science and 17 clinical departments. Stony Brook Medicine serves more than 34,000 inpatients and 834,000 outpatients each year.

Research excellence extends to a broad range of areas including bioimaging, synthetic biology, microengineering, biomaterials and regeneration, pathogenesis, and artificial intelligence.  Research at Stony Brook’s Cancer Center is dedicated to understanding the biology and mechanism of cancer, with the goal to create more effective and targeted treatments, as well as prevent specific cancers. SBU is also part of the management team of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), one of only eight universities in the country to manage a federal laboratory.

Increased economic output related to the University totals $7.2 billion annually.  SBU’s mission to help translate life science innovations into products and companies is led by the Center for Biotechnology (CfB), in partnership with SBU’s Intellectual Property Partners.  The CfB is a New York State-designated Center for Advanced Technology (est. 1983), an NIH-designated Research, Evaluation and Commercialization Hub (est. 2015), and a BARDA DRIVe-designated Business Accelerator (est. 2016). The CfB has managed four distinct Funds investing over $20M in technology and business development. These investments, along with focused guidance-management-mentoring have contributed to 578 issued patents and 113 option/license agreements and have brought an additional $126M in federal research funding to the region.  These investments have also potentiated multiple FDA approved products (e.g., Xiaflex®, Oracea®, Cavistat®, …) and the formation of dozens of biosciences companies (e.g., Cornerstone Pharma, Exogen, Celmatix, Codagenix…).  In 2015, the CfB launched the Long Island Bioscience Hub (LIBH), a partnership between SBU, BNL, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the Feinstein Institute to further increase the translation of promising innovation into the commercial sector. The LIBH has launched 11 companies, secured 9 SBIR/STTR awards, and leveraged $64M in follow-on funding. Economic impact associated with the CfB’s activities overall exceed $80M annually.


Diane Fabel, PhD., Director of Operations, Center for Biotechnology
[email protected]
Peter Donnelly, Associate Vice President for Technology Partnerships
[email protected]


Hofstra University is committed to discovery and innovation through continued expansion of undergraduate and graduate programs in the sciences and by promoting impactful, interdisciplinary research across the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, the Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies, the School of Health Professions and Human Services, the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science. Through partnerships with Northwell Health, the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, along with the programs and business incubator at the University’s Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Hofstra has created an environment that nurtures research and development with commercial and community applications. 


Sofia Kakoulidis, MBA, Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs, IRB Administrator
Hempstead, NY
Phone: (516) 463-5054
Email: [email protected]


Long Island University, founded in 1926, continues to redefine higher education, providing high quality academic instruction by world-class faculty.  LIU offers nearly 250 degree programs, with a network of over 280,000 alumni that includes industry leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe.

LIU is committed to transformational change in the higher education landscape by the synergistic coupling of research and international engagement. The Research and International Office exists to catalyze, nurture, and embrace multi-disciplinary, globally impactful research and educational programming that prepares future graduates for the challenges and opportunities presented by life in the 21st Century. The Research and International Office will partner with colleges, departments, academic and non-academic units, senior leadership, and the greater LIU community to promote diversity, grow international engagement, innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural understanding to enrich and propel LIU’s overall mission for becoming a globally engaged research and education enterprise.

LIU is involved in life science and cancer research and a professor at the new College of Veterinary Medicine at LIU Post received the prestigious R15 AREA grant (Academic Research Enhancement Award) from the National Institutes of Health, which is given out to strengthen the research environment of schools that have not been major recipients of NIH support.

Long Island University is on the forefront of the genomics revolution. The building block of precision medicine—designing therapeutic drugs to precisely treat a particular patient’s disease—is the study of genomes. And that’s just one fascinating aspect of the far-reaching research now underway at LIU Pharmacy.


Sandra Richard, Executive Assistant to the President
Brookville, NY
Phone: (516) 299-2501
Email: [email protected]


New York Institute of Technology strives to support the life sciences and biotech innovation on Long Island, by preparing students to enter the fastest-growing fields at the intersection of life sciences, biology, chemistry, healthcare, physics, bioengineering, medicine, biotechnology and more. As the only polytechnic on Long Island, New York Tech’s six schools and colleges offer highly ranked and accredited programs in 50 fields of study; our undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and professional programs serve over 7,700 students. New York Tech is uniquely positioned to help tackle new frontiers in disease, diagnosis, and treatment, while contributing to Long Island’s prominence in life sciences research, attracting top talent, and helping drive the local economy.  New York Tech’s state-of-the-art teaching and research labs help students learn and perform scientific investigations with faculty who provide one-to-one training and supervision of their research.

With the help of a grant from Empire State Development, New York Tech intends to build a world-class Biomedical Research Innovation Center (BRIC) at its Long Island campus. This Center will include additional state-of-art instruments like an XROMM fluoroscopy system for 3D imaging of whole-body positions with low-power X-rays. New York Tech will be the only location in NYS with this capability, dramatically enhancing its research and teaching capabilities. The XROMM system will synergize with NYIT’s existing strengths in biomechanics studies, neurodegenerative disease research and treatment programs, and microscopy technology. The XROMM system allows precise 3D measurement of moving bones and tissues. That capability complements existing equipment at NYIT such as the NSF funded MicroCT scanner, super-resolution light microscopes, and NIH-funded biomedical research labs. The goal of building the BRIC is to advance medical discoveries, attract top talent, and help drive the local economy. The BRIC along with other externally funded grants from NIH and NSF will help New York Tech contribute to Long Island’s prominence in health/life sciences and uniquely position itself as a top research university on Long Island, poised to tackle new frontiers in disease diagnosis and treatment. It will enable the incubation of inventions and breakthroughs in research and innovation in life sciences, biotech, medicine, microscopy visualization and imaging, and other growth fields, not just at New York Tech but through collaborations between BRIC investigators and partnering institutions and companies. 


Dawn Grzan, Senior Director, Sponsored Programs and Research
Old Westbury, NY
Phone: (516) 686-7737, Cell: (631) 975-2971
Email:[email protected]


The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research is the research arm of Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health system.  They are comprised of five subsidiary institutes focused on the following areas: molecular medicine, health outcomes and health systems science, behavioral sciences, bioelectronic medicine, and cancer.

The Feinstein Institutes are responsible for the research activities of approximately 5,000 investigators and staff throughout Northwell. Most of the labs are located at 350 Community Drive, Manhasset, where the emphasis is on producing knowledge that will cure disease with support from federal grants and dissemination through high-impact academic journals. This work reaches physicians and patients in several concrete ways, including generating intellectual property around which commercial companies form, and supporting clinical trials to test the results of research, attracting thousands of patients to Northwell, and making Long Island a destination for various special treatments.

Feinstein researchers work to transform the treatment of conditions like lupus, arthritis, sepsis, cancer, psychiatric illness, and Alzheimer’s disease. As the global headquarters of bioelectronic medicine, they are exploring ways to raise the standard of medical innovation and are using electronic medical devices to signal the body to heal itself.

Bioelectronic medicine is a new approach to treating and diagnosing disease and injury that has emerged from the Feinstein Institutes’ labs. It represents a convergence of molecular medicine, neuroscience, and bioengineering. Bioelectronic medicine uses device technology to read and modulate the electrical activity within the body’s nervous system, opening new doors to real-time diagnostics and treatment options for patients.

Northwell also has a venture capital arm that was established in 2013 with the goal of identifying and fostering innovative ideas that enhance the growth of Northwell Health enterprises. They work with doctors, scientists, staff, and entrepreneurs both inside and outside of Northwell with a goal to develop, advance, identify and invest in ideas, novel technologies, and business models in order to improve patient care to advance Northwell’s strategy and further our industry.


Jonathan R. Cohen, Vice President, Strategy and External Affairs
Manhasset, NY
Phone: (516) 246-4585
Email: [email protected]


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) is the birthplace of molecular biology and genetics, amassing the pioneers of the field armed with new discoveries that led to the 20th century biotechnology revolution. CSHL is home to eight Nobel Prize winners and has been a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center since 1987. It currently has nearly 900 employees including 600 researchers and technicians with expertise in cancer, neuroscience, quantitative biology, plant biology, bioinformatics and genomics.  CSHL uniquely combines its world-class research program with its legendary role as a gathering place for the global scientific community.

At CSHL Meetings and Courses Programs, scientists from around the world and at all stages in their careers come together to exchange information, learn about the latest technology, establish collaborations, and celebrate their accomplishments.  The impact of CSHL’s research in New York State is multiplied through its collaborations with other New York institutions and companies particularly Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Northwell Health.  CSHL is actively engaged in commercializing the results of its research – through licensing of technologies first developed in its labs – for commercial use by companies around the world, and by incubating and spinning off new business engaged in the further development of such technologies. 

NYS companies that were founded based on research at CSHL include: ASOThera, Certerra, Clarapath, DEPYMed, Envisagenics and Mirimus.  Long Island’s homegrown blockbuster cancer drug manufacturer OSI Pharmaceuticals in 2010, was a CSHL spinoff incubated at Broad Hollow BioScience Park.


Charles Prizzi, Senior Vice President for Advancement and Special Advisor to the President
Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Phone: (516) 367-6961
Email: [email protected]


Broad Hollow Bioscience Park, Inc. (BHBP) is a not-for-profit entity located on the campus of Farmingdale State College (SUNY) which is designed to support early-stage companies with a need for wet laboratory space. BHBP is composed of 102,500 square feet of space in two facilities. Early-stage companies can lease space in increments of 500 SF, wet lab, and office space. Building operations are fully supported and shared equipment is available for tenant use. BHBP’s other facility is 62,000 SF and is ideal for a company seeking a corporate research facility that provides laboratories, administration area, data room, library/conference room and lunchroom. BHBP is a partnership between Farmingdale State College, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the Research Foundation of the State University of New York.

The Broad Hollow Bioscience Park is devoted to supporting the development of biotech start-up companies by utilizing shared facility resources, the resources of the Farmingdale campus, partnering with surrounding businesses and research institutions, and clustering the growing biotech companies along the Route 110 Bioscience Corridor.

Contact: Dan Polner, Executive Director
Farmingdale, NY
Phone: (631)227-3940, Cell: (917) 697-4634
Email: [email protected]


Brookhaven National Laboratory delivers discovery science and transformative technology to power and secure the nation’s future. Primarily supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science, Brookhaven Lab is a multidisciplinary laboratory with seven Nobel Prize-winning discoveries, 37 R&D 100 Awards, and more than 70 years of pioneering research.

The Laboratory’s 2,500-plus staff members lead and support diverse research teams that address the DOE mission to ensure the nation’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions. Among Brookhaven Lab’s current initiatives are nuclear science, energy science, data science, particle physics, accelerator science and technology, quantitative plant science, and quantum information science.

Modern scientific experiments are becoming increasingly complex, generating enormous datasets, and requiring rapid decision making. To overcome these challenges, researchers at Brookhaven Lab are developing new artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that automate experiments, using capabilities like machine learning to drive experiments more efficiently

Brookhaven’s novel particle accelerator complex makes the Lab a national leader in the research, production, and processing of commercially unavailable radioisotopes. These isotopes have widespread applications in medicine, from disease diagnosis to treatment, as well as in national security. Researchers in Brookhaven’s Biology Department seek to unravel and describe the complexities of biological systems—from how plants make oils and other products to the role of proteins in disease. BNL’s work helps to develop the tools and techniques of biochemistry, molecular genetics, and structural biology. The work of the Department leverages the unique capabilities of Brookhaven’s National Synchrotron Light Source-II and Center for Functional Nanomaterials, major research facilities open to scientists from around the world.

Contact: David J Manning, Director, Stakeholder Relations
Upton, NY
Phone: (631) 344-4747, Cell: (917) 841-5952
[email protected]


Since the launch of NYU Long Island School of Medicine in 2019 and the merger of into one of the country’s premier healthcare systems, NYU Langone Health, we have continued to enhance and expand our commitment to research. We are in a transformative era, as new research initiatives in basic and clinical science and pragmatic approaches to health services research help improve outcomes for patients.

Our visionary and robust biomedical Research Institute is home to newly recruited basic, clinical, and health services researchers who complement the work of current investigators. The institute, which serves as the umbrella for research on our Long Island campus, is closely aligned and integrated with research programs across the NYU Langone Health system. Our Department of Foundations of Medicine serves as an academic home for campus faculty researchers.

Multidisciplinary scientists and physician–investigators are involved in vigorous clinical research studies. and basic, translational, and health services studies of the causes, treatments, and consequences of a wide spectrum of illnesses. These include as a major focus diabetes and its treatment, as well as its associated conditions such as obesity. Diabetes and its complex complications touch a large group of patients in virtually every medical specialty. Investigators are also addressing other important public health issues, including pregnancy and premature births, improving cancer treatment, vascular damage, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, obesity, COVID-19, and other debilitating diseases.


Deborah Saporito, Executive Assistant
Mineola, NY
Phone: (516)-663-460
Email: [email protected]


Accelerate Long Island (ALI), a non-profit founded in 2011, has an extensive and committed track record of accelerating growth for Long Island based high technology startups. ALI leads a unique collaboration among Long Island’s world class research institutions and its business community to commercialize research and create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. ALI focuses on high-technology companies emanating from the region’s research and academic institutions. The majority of ALI’s portfolio are high-growth companies in the biotech and health tech space, including Codagenix, DepYMed, Envisagenics, Playback Health, and more. Over the past decade, ALI successfully encouraged coalition-building and cross-sector partnerships. Accelerate Long Island has managed two Seed Funds:

Fund I: The Accelerate Long Island Seed Fund, a $500,000 grant seed fund awarded through ESD and the LIREDC process. This was matched by $500,000 in private investment from the Long Island Emerging Technologies Fund (LIETF) backed by Topspin Partners and Jove Equity Partners. The Accelerate Long Island Seed Fund/LIETF invested in 10 high technology companies on Long Island, seven of which are still active and growing. The fund has created more than 32 Full-Time jobs and $34 million in follow-on funding.

Fund II: The Accelerate New York Fund is a $2.4 million equity investment with New York State Innovation Capital Fund as LP with 22 portfolio companies. Accelerate Long Island was selected through an RFP process to manage the Accelerate NY Seed Fund as part of the ESD New York State Innovation Venture Capital Fund and it supported science and technology-based early-stage ventures on Long Island, in New York City, and the Hudson Valley. The portfolio companies have created more than 80 jobs and secured more than $72 million in follow-on funding to date.

ALI’s activities are implemented by an experienced team who have shown a strong track record of providing network and mentorship to high-technology companies, supporting commercialization efforts of our region’s research and academic institutions, and serving as a vehicle for our region’s academic and business leadership to identify barriers to growth on Long Island for early stage companies and develop regional solutions. ALI’s Board Members include the Presidents of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Hofstra University, Northwell Health, and Stony Brook University, as well as the Long Island Association, Topspin Partners, Jove Equity Partners, the Rauch Foundation, EY, and Farrell Fritz.    

ALI’s unprecedented relationships among all the region’s incubators and accelerators transcends the geographic dispersion that has always challenged Long Island collaborations into a strength. As a regional leader responsible for curating an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, ALI recognizes the need to cultivate a growing community of BIPOC and women entrepreneurs igniting social changes in underserved areas. A more equitable ecosystem will support overall economic development on Long Island.

As we emerge from the pandemic the need to cultivate innovation and startups is critical, and ALI will continue to provide productive networking and instructional events for entrepreneurs and serve as an innovation broker to commercialize technology and connect startups with sources of capital, jumpstarting Long Island’s economic growth.


Dan Lloyd, Program Director
Melville, NY
Email: [email protected]


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