Webinar #3 Advanced Electronics & Smart Cities

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Advanced electronics are the foundation of the “smart cities” concept, in which communities use data, sensors, and IoT technologies to efficiently manage resources, infrastructure, and other services and systems. In this third webinar in the Advanced Electronics Business Connection Forum series, FuzeHub presents speakers from Grenoble—a leading global smart city—and electronics companies whose products are enabling these urban transformations.


You’ll also hear from organizations that are facilitating trans-Atlantic advanced electronics B2B connections to help advance New York and European leadership in the industry.


Matthew Snyder,


Raphael Meyer

Lancey Energy Storage

John Spring

Project Manager
National Grid

Anne-Elisabeth Cotte

Innovation Manager
Greater Grenoble City Area
Profile picture of Alyson Slack with fall foliage in the background

Alyson Slack

Manager, Strategic Initiatives

LaMar Hill

Fusion Marketing Group

Johan Lecocq

Project Coordinator
DSP Valley / Silicon Europe Alliance
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