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2021 Annual Report


As we enter 2022, we reflect on the countless ways New York State manufacturers adapted, evolved and grew during the previous 12 months. We were honored to help many overcome obstacles, accelerate innovation and take big steps forward.

This year begins amid a still uncertain period. The ever-changing pandemic continues to force manufacturers and tech firms to confront challenges to their supply chains, workforces and communities.

It has tested the manufacturing industry – but it hasn’t shaken it. Because the reality is people don’t become makers or innovators or manufacturers for the easy times. We choose these paths because we want to solve problems.

We want to create solutions that grow companies, strengthen communities and change the world.

Like every year, there will be more challenges to face in 2022. Let’s embrace it.

Keep collaborating and innovating – and together, we’ll make 2022 the year remembered for the challenges we solved and the inclusive growth we created.

To your success,
Elena Garuc
Executive Director | Fuzehub