FuzeHub Helps Vara Corporation Secure Manufacturing Grant

The desire to re-imagine firearm safety spurred start-up company, Vara Corporation, to introduce their groundbreaking gun safe called Reach. Reach gives the option of portability while offering security without compromising ease-of-access. Vara’s rapid fingerprinting makes the unlocking of your handgun, as “simple as grab and go.”


VARA Corporation was referred to FuzeHub after winning the 2016 NYS Business Plan Competition. The company requested information about contract manufacturers and funding opportunities.


FuzeHub’s solutions team visited VARA and assessed the company’s manufacturing-related needs. FuzeHub then introduced VARA to Dan Cullen, WDI’s Regional Director for the Capital Region, at an RPI Automation and Robotics event. Subsequently, Dan and FuzeHub visited VARA. After learning about WDI’s program, Vara Corporation applied for and received a WDI grant.

From the WDI grant, VARA obtained the necessary high-precision machinery needed to create its initial testing units. VARA then partnered with the Center for Economic Growth (CEG), which applied for and was awarded a 2018 FuzeHub Manufacturing Grant that further supported VARA’s mission. Today, VARA is accepting inquiries and requests to reserve a Reach.

“Vara’s experience working with Everton and Steve from Fuzehub has been phenomenal. Their dedication to understanding the needs of the company and finding the best resources are unparalleled. The people at Fuzehub really care about making a human connection, which is truly wonderful. It has also been a great privilege to win the 2018 Jeff Lawrence Fund, which allows us the capability to start our design for manufacturing. This has really given Vara the resources needed to bring a product to market.” -Timothy Oh, Founder/ CEO, Vara Corporation

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