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What Does ISO/DIS 9001:2014 Mean for New York Manufacturers?

Written by: Steve Melito, Industry Blog Writer for FuzeHub
Since 1947, the International Standards Organization (ISO) has published over 19,500 standards that cover a range of industries. Adherence to ISO standards is voluntary, but many manufacturers prize ISO 9001:2008 certification. Most mention it in their marketing materials and on their websites. Some even fly ISO flags or hang ISO banners to demonstrate their commitment to the Quality Management System (QMS).Now that ISO has released a new Draft International Standard (DIS), will ISO 9001:2008 certification lose its luster? As Michael Harder, a Senior Technical Manager, explains in an interview with Manufacturing.Net, “the publication of ISO/DIS 9001:2014 is a signal for organizations to start their transition planning.” Is your New York manufacturing company ready to lead the way?
Empire State manufacturers that have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification will recall the time and effort involved. ISO/DIS 9001:2014 doesn’t scrap the current standard, but it does include major revisions and additions. Annex SL is “the single biggest change,” Harder explains, but it’s already part of ISO 27001, the global IT security standard. For tech-heavy companies then, Annex SL may be a lighter lift.
As more manufacturers reshore operations, however, clause 7, c] in ISO/DIS 9001:2008 may be the most interesting. By requiring ISO-certified companies to establish controls for externally-provided products and services, this clause applies to outsourcing of all types. Outsourcing is not the same thing as offshoring, so New York manufacturers still need to establish processes for their Made in USA supply chain partners.
Are you ready for ISO/DIS 9001:2014? Do you welcome changes like Annex SL and clause 7, c]?
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