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What NYS Manufacturers Can Learn From CES 2015


CES isn’t just about geeks, gadgets, and gizmos anymore. Sure, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is targeted at techies. But that doesn’t mean the annual event is a glorified Star Trek convention. New Yorkers are the subject of stereotypes, too, and NYS manufacturers surely hear that manufacturing is dull, dirty, bad for the environment, and boring. The facts, however, refute ill-informed opinions.
Consumer electronics is a large and growing industry. Although many electronic devices are manufactured overseas, reshoring is happening and some electronic design work never left U.S. soil. For New York State manufacturers who are part of this global supply chain, the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas already shines brightly. Every January, the CES show is the place to connect and learn.
This year’s event was especially important, and not just for manufacturers of gizmos and gadgets.  As Steven Sinofsky explains in Learning By Shipping, CES 2015 highlighted developments in battery storage, wireless communications, and electronic displays. Will the shop floor of the future contain curved, wireless screens that enable operators to see machine data from a variety of angles? Time and technology will tell.
Sinofsky also traces improvements in cameras and sensors – and the intersection of these technologies. “Cameras are not just for image capture,” he writes, adding that these digital devices are “also becoming sensors in their own right and integrated into sensing applications.” Most CES attendees probably weren’t thinking about machine vision, but NYS manufacturers surely can.
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Image Credit: CES 2015 Samsung Press Conference (SUHD TV) by SamsungTomorrow under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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