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Which Social Network Will Power Manufacturing in 2015?


Does your business have a Facebook page and a Twitter account? Some manufacturers are still skeptical about the value of social media, but it’s important to have what Hootsuite’s Evan Lepage calls “reference points” about your company. In the Internet Age, prospects and customers go on-line to find information – and they visit more than just company websites. Using search results, what will they learn about you?
Hootsuite’s social media management system is well-regarded, but it’s only one of many such platforms. At the same time, Facebook and Twitter are only two of a multitude of social media channels. Today, there’s also Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest – just to name a few. Your marketing resources are finite, however, and manufacturing has a different audience than retail sales. What’s the best social media channel for you?
According to Hootsuite’s Lepage, YouTube offers manufacturers a major opportunity. The video-sharing website is a powerful place to show how your company’s products are made, and to build trust through social proof. For example, prospects who watch production videos can learn about your manufacturing processes, plant conditions, and commitment to quality.
Visual marketing is popular these days, but How It’s Made videos are especially valuable. In addition to meeting viewers’ informational needs, they don’t grow stale (unless your manufacturing processes change). Manufacturers can also embed YouTube videos on their company websites to help bring text-based information to life. Remember, too, that YouTube is what LePage calls “a massive search engine” in itself.
As an example, check out the video below that shows how windshield wipers are made.

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